Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ms. Whatsit: Next Teacher Potluck Carnival

The next two editions of the Teacher Potluck Carnival will be hosted by me, right here, on February 29th and March 14th (these are mathematically fun dates)! So send your submissions to me by clicking the gmail image below. The email will automatically fill in the address and subject (cool, huh?):

Where there are teachers, there is food!

Frum Cuisine: Teacher potluck carnival is hosting
the current Teacher Potluck Carnival.

If you know how to fix the carnival badge here,
could you please tell me how? Thank you!

♥ Thank you, Michael! ♥
♥ You found the solution again! ♥

Be sure to check it out! It's good!


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  1. That is one cool logo! You must have worked so hard on it! I would like to award you a prize, Andree. Just as a beginning thought, I think it should picture a beaver, working away, getting the job done, come hell or high water!


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