Saturday, February 28, 2009

LOL Cat Bible: Lectionary Readings for the First Sunday in Lent

First Sunday in Lent

Genesis 9.8–17
Psalm 25.1–10
1 Peter 3.18–end
Mark 1.9–15

Genesis 9.8–17

8 Ceiling Cat sez to Noah an his kidz:
9 “Hay looks, u an me r liek teh bests frenz an I lieks ur baybeez too,
10 An' teh aminulz u has: teh burdies, teh caws taht mooes, and teh otehr aminulz, dem gives teh mooves off teh boats, k?
11 U and me r liek teh frenz: I no moar makez teh waterz comez; u noe gets wet no moar, k?”
12 Teh Ceiling Cat sez: “U noes taht u and me are teh frenz and me and teh animulz r teh frenz forevr n evr becuz dis: cuz Ceiling Cat pwns rpeat...
13 Visible Raynbo iz in teh skyz, k? U an me an evrywunz is teh frenz becuz teh raynbo r gr8.
14 Ifs u sees teh clowdz, u no kin sez, "Oh Noes! Teh waters comes!" becuz tehres teh raynbo;
15 and I kin sez "OHai luk teh raynbo," becuz u and me and teh aminulz are hella gud frenz; I no makes teh waterz come.
16 Teh raynbo will be in teh clowds and I rmberz taht u and me and teh aminuls iz stil sum moar teh frenz.”
17 And Ceiling Cat sez to Noah, “Teh raynbo meens u and me are teh frenz, k?”

Psalm 25.1–10
Here be of Davidz

1 ::hands ceiling cat a cookie::
2 I puts my stuff wiff u, k Ceiling Cat? don let me be pwned, an don let my enemies pwn me.
3 No an whos hope iz in u will evah be pwned, but dey will be put to shamez who are haterz wid no excuse.
4 Shows mz how toodoo it CEILING CAT lern me da wayz ofz duncle.
5 guide mz in da WURD and lern me, for you iz da CEILING CAT wha safeda me, caz aim contzin on ya from mornen to twelve.
6 dont fo get CEILING CAT, yourz groovay honey and suga, for tha ar fom of zda golden oldeez.
7 dont look atz my bads, o myz cars, butz at da bath tub we i am rinsdz dza badz outz da home indza wall de be for for yuo da man o CEILING CAT.
8 Guud is Ceiling Cat, he sall instruct teh sinnors.
9 He gide teh meek wif justis and wif da meek he shall teech in his waiyz.
10 All teh paths o' Ceiling Cat r teh uber-ness an trooth unto Ceiling Cat's prasies, for u teh man, dood. Srsly.
11 For Jebus' sake, o Ceiling Cat, pardon mah iniquity, for it pwns.
12 is he teh cat who feareth Ceiling Cat? U shall instruct him fo u ar 1337.
13 He'z innercat shall dwell AT ees, an shall inherit t3h landz. srsly.
14 CEILING CAT confidez in themz who phe4r him; ee shewz them his harbls
15 My eyez ar evah on teh CEILING CAT, for only ee noz when I fwap.
16 Turn thee un2 meh, and have teh murcy upon meh for i am tempted by teh Basement Cat, who's path to invisibl error is paved with many katnip pleytings.
17 Teh troubliz ob mah hart r troubld, bring meh out of mah troublnizz.
18 Considar mah invisibl errors an forgiv mah sinz. pleez, for i DO NOT WANT teh Basement Cat in mah closit no moar.
19 Pwn mah manee eminees.
20 Dewiver meh without shame for I take refug in u, o Ceiling Cat, for u pwn lots. Srsly.
21 Let integrity an Happycat-ness perserv meh, for i wate for u.
22 O snap, Israel, Ceiling Cat, reedem meh o mah troublz.

1 Peter 3

1 Teh ladiez should listen to their huzbanz, cuz if teh gai messes up, his wiv is leik is ok I has it, n leave teh basement
2 when they see whut u did there.
3 Don’t have win on just the outside,
4 let it be win on the inside to Ceiling Cat.
5 Cuz it was leik this a long tiem ago
6 when Sarah listened to Abraham and u can b leik her.
7 Huzbanz, be good to your wiv, cuz Ceiling Cat leiks this, so he not ignoer ur meowz.
8 K, and has hugs tiem wit every1
9 and give cookies and chzbururz to ppl who steal ur bukkit so Ceiling Cat gives u cookies and chzburgurz.
10 Cuz “he who has cookie, and chzburgurz and win."
11 Let him say do not want to fail and spread win
12 cuz Ceiling Cat sees wut u did there and leiks it, but sez do not want fail”
13 And who will steal ur bukkit if u leik Ceiling Cat?
14 But even if some stuff is teh sux, u can has chzburgurz from Ceiling Cat.
15 Make sure that if ppl r leik wtf? U tell them bout Ceiling Cat
16 and remember Ceiling Cat gives u cookies and chzburgurz if they r like “lol, o rly? U sux.”
17 But its better to b told u sux and leik Ceiling Cat, cuz he has chzburgurz and win.
18 Jeebus was once in the same spot, srsly,
19 but he went and sed “hai, Ceiling Cat pwns” to prizners
20 who were leik the ppl who weren’t cool leik Noah and teh ppl on his boat.
21 Teh water of baptizim saves us and gives us chance for chzburgurz thru Jeebus
22 who went to hang wit Ceiling Cat.

Mark 1.9–15

9 So Happy Cat, he come to John like John sez. John dunkxz Happy Cat with waterz.
10 Ceiling Cat sends Hovr Cat.
11 Ceiling Cat sez "This mai Kitteh. He roxxors an I'ze happy."
12 Thn teh Hovr Cat sends him 2 wild.
13 An he was in wilderness long tyme (srsly, 40 dais!). An Basement Cat wuz showin' lotza evilz cheezburgrz an catnipz to him. An he wuz wit teh sqirrelz, an anjelz wer giving him srsly betur cheezburgrz an brayded hiz fur.
14 Aftr John wuz arrestid (PWND!!!1), Happy Cat came into Galilee, sez to all teh kittinz about teh gud newz of teh Ceiling Cat,
15 an he sayd, "iz tyme, kittenz! Ceiling Cat'z kingdim is here! 4saek yr evl waiz an beleev in teh good newz!" (awsum, srsly!)

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Amethyst Crystal

My friend Sue gave me this handmade crystal bag for my crystal. But I didn't have a crystal, so Matt gave me one of his — an amethyst. They told me to soak the amethyst in water over night to clean it and then to have it sit in the sun for 24 hours. After that, I put it in the bag and wore it — expecting miraculous powers to emanate from it!


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sledding in Barton

This is a huge hill in the Village of Barton where people go sledding. I've seen people bring their snow machines, drive their sleds up and sled down. Otherwise they might only have two downhill runs in a day!


LOL Cat Bible: Lectionary Readings for Transfiguration Sunday

Transfiguration Sunday

II Kings 5:1-14
Psalm 30
I Corinthians 9:24-27
Mark 1:40-45

These are the readings for last Sunday! My source for the lectionary readings was in error. Last Sunday's readings were for this Sunday. I am very sorry for the confusion!

II Kings 5:1-14
Naaman gawt melty face

1 So dere wuz diz guy Naaman, he wuz liek mastah of teh Syreean kings armay. Him had teh graetnez and teh honorz cuz Ceiling Cat gief him dese, him wuz also nyce but omg him haev a melty face LOLZ!!!
2 Meanwhile dem Syreeans went out in ur Israil steelin ur wumun to be slayve for teh wyf of teh Naaman guy
3 Teh slayve was liek "sum guy in Samareeya cud toetlay figz ur melty face dood, kthxbai"
4 So her told teh guy Naaman wha her told teh wyf
5 An teh king wuz liek "lol, srsly go see teh guy an ai wriet lettah so teh otha king iz cool" so him wented an tooked sum Cheezburgrz and lots of stuf to waer liek hatz
6 So he tooked teh lettah to tha Israil king an wuz liek "now u plz fikz mai melty face kthxbai"
7 Teh Israil king wuz liek "wtf? ai iz no Ceiling Cat an u haf made me rip my clothz a bit"
8 Tehn tha holey man Elisha herded teh king has ripd his clothz a bit and wuz liek "o hai omahghad ai tell u of teh prafet guy who can figz teh melty face"
9 Naaman went to see diz Elisha at him place an wuz all up him frunt dor waitn fur him wif him hors
10 Elisha jez told him, him shud clean in teh rivah and him wud be srsly supar.
11 But Naaman was liek wtf? him dunt want to spaek to me? ai tauht him wud be all liek "Ceiling Cat fix tha melty guy NOAW plz"
12 Him wuz liek "i can has rivah at hoem why ai com heer to wash? noob"
13 But hiz doodz wer liek "u shud wash, srsly"
14 So him washded in teh rivah an wuz liek "omahghad ai haz been cureded of teh mewlty face"

Psalm 30

1 Ai wull prayseh yu, teh Cieling Cat, cos yu pickd meh upz frm the toylut bowl an di unt letz next doorz dog laff at meh!! WAI DEY LAFF AT MEH!!!11!!
2 O teh Cieling Cat, I corlded yu an yu gis me the maike betta medsin. (Tayste bad tho srsly).
3 O teh Cieling Cat, yu has gotz meh from teh gardin holze an di unt letz meh fallz in teh toylut agen, srsly, ah keeypz duin that…
4 Myawzez 2 teh Cieling Cat, yu furreh toyz ov hiz, that goze skweek! Sayz iz nayme lotz and lotz and lotz!!
5 Cieling Catz mad fing tis shoort, but heez luvz yah frevur, srsly, cuz ai iz mayekin noyzes all nyte (wihch ai iz k wiv), an deh sleepeh kittenz is happeh in teh mornun.
6 Wun ai iz on teh sofur, ai myaw “NAOW, IZ MAI CUSHIN!!!”
7 O Cieling Cat, wun yu lykez meh bestist , yu mayde meh scwatchin powst nt forl ovah wen ai iz scwatchin (vewy inportant), bt wen yu iz hydin ur fayse, ai iz lyke OMG yu dyssapeyude!!! Srsly lyke WTF? Wer yu gon?!!11!!!! YU INVISDIBUL!!!
8 Tuh yu O Cieling Cat, ai myawed mor: 2 Cieling Cat foor murseh!!
9 Wai teh dog allwayz trei 2 putz meh in toylut bowlz!!? Wai?!! Oh noes! Teh dogz trei 2 take mah cookiez!! Iz teh snayulz gunna bee yur kittehz?? Iz it gunna sayz yu luvz Cieling Cat more dan cookiez an meh??
10 Lizun O Cieling Cat an giz meh cookiez plz, O Cieling Cat, beh mah fwuendz, k?
11 Yuh turnd mah cri cat 2 danz cat, tuk off taht grai furz an yuzed teh fur die of teh fun kynd, srsly, ai hatez teh garai furz, meks meh luk lyk teh ownur of sooicydul catz, srsly.
12 Soze mai hart can myawz 2 yuh an not beh myawluss. O Cieling Cat, ai givz yuh mah cookiez furevr, k, thnx, bai..

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I Corinthians 9:24-27

24 In a race evribodi runz but onli wun getz teh priez.
25 Dey work hard to get teh medul. (But if dey taekz steroidz dey haz to givv it bak.) We iz workin hard to get a bettr priez. It will last forevr.
26 I iz not just runnin around or wavin mai pawz in teh air.
27 I work hard to maek mai bodi mai slaev so I wil win teh priez.

Mark 1:40-45
Happy Cat fixsed nastie kitteh furr

40 Thn feral kitteh wit nastie, mangy furr come to Happy Cat an aks "I can has niice fur?"
41 Happy Cat feelz bad 4 teh kitteh, so He touchz nastie kitteh an sez "okai"
42 an p00f! Nastie furre wuz gone. Srsly. Kitteh luked like a houskat.
43 So Happy Cat sez "Get gone an don tell nobodee!!1 Jus givez monies too da church lik Moses sed"
44 but new fancie kitteh toll erreybody, an Happy Cat
45 got moar fameus. He try to hyde but kittinz frum allz 0ver finded him.

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Cats Tuesday: Is George the World's Toughest Cat?

George Barton Cabot - 07 by you.
In July, my Zorro won third prize in the World's Hardest Cat Competition at Little Cat Diaries. The contest is on again and closes on February 22, so run quick and enter your toughest kitty! I won a copy of the book Under the Paw: Confessions of a Cat Man. I have no desire to win this year, but I will submit these photos of George Barton Cabot yawning. He looks ferocious but he's a sweetie. Zorro and I had our moment in the sun — now it's the turn of some other fortunate and tough cats! E-mail your photo of your tough guy or gal to or leave a link to your photo at Little Cat Diaries. Don't delay! The deadline is February 22! (Tom & Janet Cox and Under the Paw are on Facebook, too. Follow them there.)

George Barton Cabot - 13 by you.

George Barton Cabot Set on Flickr

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ducks or Geese

Ducks or Geese? - 31 by you.
I drove by a farm in Westmore, about 3 miles from the house, and the geese (or ducks, I don't know the difference) were eating grain or corn put out for them. A very large group of mallard ducks were with these ducks but they flew off as soon as I came near. A flock of turkeys was close by, also. I was able to take dozens of photographs that can be seen in my Ducks and Geese Set on Flickr.
Ducks or Geese? - 01 by you.


LOL Cat Bible: Lectionary Readings for the Sixth Sunday of Epiphany

Sixth Sunday of Epiphany
2 Kings 2.1-12
Psalm 50.1-6
2 Corinthians 4.3-6
Mark 9.2-9

2 Kings 2.1-12
Eljia Tha Robot Goes To Heaven

1 Omg so Ceiling Cat waz bout 2 take da robot in2 heaven rite? but not his pal! n his pal neva nooo tht he was goin 2 heavn by a tornado btw. so da robot n his pal were wokin
2 Da robot sed 2 his pal "plz stay here cuz Ceiling Cat wnts me 2 go 2 burger king, n its a long walk!" but his pal sed "no i wanna cum wiv u cos i wanna chikhen sammich n ull 4get" so they went 2 burger king
3 N da ppl who waz serving dem sed to da robot "do u no tht Ceiling Cat iz gnna take u 2 heaven but not ur pal???" n da he sed "yeh i no but dnt tell me!!!"
4 So den after he finshs tokin he tells his pal "plz stay here cos Ceiling Cat wnts me 2 go 2 mcdonalds cos dey dnt sell mcflurrys ere." but he seys "no im cumin wiv u" so they go ova 2 mcdonalds
5 So da guy who was servin da robot seys "do u no tht Ceiling Cat is takin u 2 heven but not u?" n da pal seys "yes but shutttup dnt remind me!!"
6 Den da robot seys 2 his pal "stay ere im goin to kfc, Ceiling Cat wants me 2" n da pal seys "no im cumin wiv u!!" so they went 2 kfc
7 Thy were almost dere but ther waz a huuuuge puddl in da way in da carpark so evey1 insyde kfc watched dem struggle haha!
8 Den da robot got a towel, throo it in da water n it all soakd up
9 Wen dey got in2 kfc da robot sed 2 his pal "wot do u want?" n he sed "double porshon ov chikhen plz"
10 An he sed "u hav askd suchs a hard fing cos i dnt hav enuf moneys"\
11 An they toked for a bit an suddnly 2 horses on fire came n made a tornado n took da robot into heaven but not his pal.
12 N so his pal went mental n shoutd "da horses is on fire!!!" so took all da robots clothes tht he left n tore dem up

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Psalm 50.1-6
Teh Song By Asaf

1 Teh mytee Ceiling Cat speekz to an sumuns teh Urf and teh uvva kittehs, frum teh sun cummin up to teh sunset, Srsly.
2 Frum teh Matrix, purrfect in booty, teh Cieling Cat Gloes.
3 Teh Ceiling Cat will beh cummin, and he wnt shup; uh fiyer eats afor him, and he iz in uh Storm.
4 Teh Ceiling Cat will make teh ceiling and teh urf come, Srsly, so tht he can watch teh uvva kittehs always.
5 He sed "Cum here my speshul kittehs, who pwomessed meh stuff by killin teh mices."
6 And teh Ceiling says tat Ceiling Cat is rite, cuz teh Ceiling Cat himselfs is teh judge, Cheezbrger.
7 Listen to meh kittehs! Cos ai iz gunna speek kittehs, and ai will testuhfai agaynst yooh!
8 Ai iz not gunnah shout a yooh kittehs fur yor sackriffisez or fur yor buhnt offrins what yooh alwayz gives meh.
9 Ai dunt want yor kows or yor horny beard kittehs frum yor howses.
10 Cuz ai alreddy haz all teh animulz in teh woodz, and all of teh cows on uh fowzand hillz
11 Ai'z frendz wiv orl of teh burdees in teh mowntins and teh creechers of teh feeld iz mine
12 If ai wuz hungree, ai woodnt tell yooh, ai would eet cheezbrgrz for ai can haz cheezbrgrz, and all tat is in dem
13 Do Ceiling cat eat teh skinz of kowz? or drinks teh blud of teh horny beardy kittehs?
14 Fank meh by killin teh d00ds like yooh pwomessed meh yooh wood, Srsly.
15 Ask meh for halpz when yooh wants it, ai will halp yooh, and yooh will return teh fayva

Mark 9.1-13
Happy Cat taeks Hiz d00dz 2 teh Meowntins

1 K den he sez, 'Dis wat im sayin to u, sum u kittens gonna b aliev wen Ceiling Cat taeks ovr teh Urfs.'
2 An 6 dayz latr he taeked Petar, Jamse, n Jon up 2 teh meowntins all by demselfs n He transformed LOL.
3 An His shirt ternded teh witest wite n teh Urf, srsly brite.
4 An den Elias and Mosis showded up n dey wuz txtin wit Happy Cat.
5 An den Petar sez, 'Mastr, we shud maek 3 tabrnclz (liek a tiny cherch LOL), 1 fer u n 1 fer Elias n 1 fer Mosis.'
6 He dint no wut els ta say cuz he wuz srsly skeert.
7 An den dis clowd shoded up n teh voyce of Ceiling Cat sez, 'Let me show u mai fav kitten. Mai fav kitten, let me show u him. U lissin to his meows, kthxbi'.
8 An den dey all lookin rownd but evrywon wuz gone but teh Happy Cat.
9 An den dey comeded down frum teh meowntins and Happy Cat sez 'Dont tell nobodi wut happnd hear til I comed back frum teh dedz, k?'
10 Den dey wuz all liek 'WTF he meenz comed back from teh dedz' cuz nrmaly wen u dedz u dont comed back so dey was teh confuse.
11 An den dey axd Happy Cat 'How comed teh kittens dat rite all teh stufs down sez Elais can haz comed back frst?'
12 An Happy Cat sez 'Srsly guise, Elais gotta comed back frst cuz he gotta fix sum shit, den teh script sez teh Kitten of Ceiling Cat can haz suffering.
13 But itz ok cuz he comed back jus now n you d00dz doned good, LOL.'

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Monday, February 09, 2009

Heads or Tails: Love Story

Mama never forgets her birds,
Though in another tree —
She looks down just as often
And just as tenderly
As when her little mortal nest
With cunning care she wove —
If either of her "sparrows fall,"
She "notices," above.

Emily Dickinson
c. 1860
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Cats Tuesday: Buddy Has a Flavor

And the flavor doesn't seem to be that good to Sophie Dog!
Matt took this photo.

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Puzzler: Kenken Puzzles

Play online at or at the New York Times (free but registration required).
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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Blog Your Blessings: Good, Good, Good, Good, Bad

Good: The innernets came back last Friday. Very late on Friday because Comcast did not know they had sent me a new modem and had the old modem on record and accused me of buying a third party modem. So the confusion and paperwork literally took hours to unravel. But it's done and it's working well. I can blog again!

Good: Vermont Public Radio has two stations: VPR and VPR Classical. VPR went to talk radio a year and a half ago, leaving me without my tunes. They had plans to build a transmission station in Island Pond and finally it began broadcasting this fall. But I couldn't get the signal here between mountains. When Matt moved in, he brought a stereo with him, and even the new stereo couldn't get the signal. A week ago, I went to Radio Shack down in St. Johnsbury and bought a $7 antenna and now my music is back! My Saturday Afternoon at the Opera (from the Met Opera) is back. Rigoletto was last Saturday's performance.

Good: My Carpenter Pump Reed Organ was finally delivered last Saturday (above photo)! This is eleven months after I bought it. I broke some of the decorative trim on it. And it doesn't play. But I have it.

Good: After being sick with colds, bouts of bronchitis, and laryngitis since October 1, I am now healthy. My voice occasionally disappears still, and at night it is very weak. But every day sees improvement. This has been a tough winter so far.

Bad: My teaching position is being cut 50% when my contract ends on August 1. I have six months to find another 0.5 FTE position or simply another 1.0 FTE position. The depression is here: unemplyment in the Northeast Kingdom is now at 10% (source: The Barton Chronicle).

I admit that I was knocked off balance when I was told about the cut. But I am still very fortunate and as I work myself back, I will continue to count my blessings, keep my faith, and imagine the possibilities for my future.

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Photo Hunters: Bridge

Barton River Bridge

This is a bridge in a pasture in the village of Barton that the cows use to cross the Barton River. In the winter, snowmobilers use it.

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Friday, February 06, 2009

Friday Fractal: Nova: Hunting the Hidden Dimension

The Basic GraphNow that I have the Internet again, I have a lot of blogging to do. That's why there are two Friday Fractal posts tonight. Hunting the Hidden Dimension is the perfect introduction to fractals. You can watch this PBS video online now by clicking the link on the title. There is another PBS site, the Hunting the Hidden Dimension homepage, where you can explore fractals with an interactive applet and even create your own (as I did, above).

If you are a teacher, you will find a teacher's guide with an interesting classroom activity. You can stream the program for free on a projector at school, do the activities, let your students lose with free fractal software and see what happens! I'm going to suggest this as an After School Program at school.

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Friday Fractal: FractalWorks: Fractal Diamond Wiki Colors

Download the newest version of FractalWorks, then join the Flickr FractalWorks Group. This is a 3-D fractal rendering. If you have the new FractalWorks installed on your Mac, click on this Fractal Diamond link, then click on the link underneath the Diamond and your FractalWorks will automatically open and render the Diamond. I have done it and it works. I haven't created my own fractal yet. I bet you wish you got a Mac!

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