Sunday, August 31, 2008

Camera Critters: Kathy's Chicks

A fellow teacher got her chicks in June and allowed me to photograph them. They were so lively and quick that it was difficult to focus properly! We had a great time. She built the chicken coop herself and it is more like a small barn. These chicks were raised organically on the food they found outside. They never lost even one chick! These chicks are a combination of layers and fryers. And yes, unfortunately the fryers are already "processed." Kathy was a bit sad the day after that happened. School has re-opened here (two weeks already!) and I'm happy as a clam and back to regular blogging. It seems like a long time, doesn't it? Only 281 days till next summer vacation!

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Friday, August 29, 2008

Photo Hunters: Another Beautiful Barn

When I take the dogs for a walk we go by my neighbor's beautiful barn. It's been over 100 posts since I participated in the Photo Hunt. Now that school has started again, I have to take the time to post and comment regularly.

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LOL Cat Bible: Lectionary Readings for the Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost

Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost
Jeremiah 15:15-21
Psalm 26:1-8 (Ps. 26:3)
Romans 12:9-21
Matthew 16:21-28
Semicontinuous series
Exodus 3:1-15
Psalm 105:1-6, 23-26, 45b (Ps. 105:1, 45)
Romans 12:9-21
Matthew 16:21-28

Jeremiah 15: 15-21

15 Yu unerstand me, Ceiling Cat. Pleez teyks cayr ov me! I sufer foar yu!
16 Wen ur kookies cam, I eated dem an I roll on floar wif hapy!
17 Nao, I has run out ov hapy cuz u maeks me sit in teh clawset.
18 Srsly, haow com mah criyin nevr endz? Wil yu be liek a FAILS?
19 Lissen, dis wat Ceiling Cat sai: "O Hai! If'n yus sai sory, I wil has mercees.
Cuz I has mad skillz ov compashun. If'n yu sez truf, i find yu worvy. Coolbeans!"
So sayith teh Ceiling Cat. A-miaow!
20 I wil sav yu frum teh Gozer destroider. Den tehy wil kno mai naym is Ceiling Cat! Yarr!!
End ov Jerdemaya fith-teen. A-miaow!

Psalm 26

Of David
1 Gives me cheezburgr, O CEILING CAT,
for I m nice to kittehs;
I haz trust in CEILING CAT
no dowt.

2 Snif me, O CEILING CAT, n nible
my organ meatz;

3 cuz u luv me so much ffs,
n i walk in ur troofzorz.

4 I not pm w/trollz,
I not mssg w/ retardz;

5 I hatz teh d00d made YT of u chasin ur tail
n DO NOT WANT chow mane w/ cat in it.

6 I lick mi paus w/ inosint tung,
hang out by ur kitteh bed, O CEILING CAT,

7 goin w00t! n stuf
n spaming al te kewl stuf u did.

8 I luvz teh ceiling ware u liv, O CEILING CAT,
teh ceiling ware u r al kewl n stuf.

9 Plz do not pwn mi sole laik teh invisibly erroneous,
plz do not let trollz pwn all my base,

10 taht flame tfo me w/ left hanz,
n rite hanz clik on sub 7.

11 But I iz gud;
so giv me fud. (cheezburgr plz)

12 My paus scampr on lvl grownd;
@ teh ROFLCon, I wil w00t 2 CEILING CAT.

Romans 12: 9-21

9 let ur luv be tru, pwn teh evil, hug teh goodz.
10 be nice 2 catz liek theyz ur brutherz, n honor ppl, k?
11 wrk hrd n do gud stuffz 4 Ceiling Cat.
12 u can haz hope n patience if u preyz 4 Ceiling Cat.
13 u shuld gives stuffz to ppl like Santa.
14 be nice to ppl even if tehy tries to pwn u.
15 if cats are hasing rejoice, u can has rejoice 2, but if theyz weeping u weep 2, k?
16 ppl are liek u 2 so be gud 2 tehm. dont prtend to be l33t if u r a n00b.
17 if ppl try to pwn u, u dont has to pwn tehm. n tell da truf, cuz Ceiling Cat can c u.
18 if u can lie down u shuld live in peace, k?
19 Don pwn kittehs. Don b mean if dey r mean 2 yu. TopCat pwns all mean kittehs.
20 Skripchures sey: "If ppl try to pwn yu, but den dey no has cheezburgers, giv dem yur cheezburgers. If kittehs sey mean things, but hav no moar cookies, giv dem yur cookies. Yu do dis, yu pwn evil kitteh. Srsly."
21 Don pwn kittehs jus cuz. B gud 2 all kittehs, so evil gose bai.

Matthew 16: 21-28
Jesus predicts his death

21 frum dat tiem on jebus began 2 explain 2 his disciplez dat he must go 2 jerusalem an suffr lotz da things at teh hanz ov teh elders, teh chief priests an teh teachers ov teh law, an dat he must be killd an on teh third dai be raisd 2 life.
22 petr took him aside an began 2 rebuke him. "nevr, lord!" he sed. "dis shall nevr happen 2 u!"
23 jesus turnd an sed 2 petr, "git behind me, Basement Cat! U r stumblin block 2 me; u do not has in mind teh concerns ov ceilin cat, but merely hooman concerns."
24 den jesus sed 2 his disciplez, "whoevr wants 2 be mah disciple must deny themselvez an taek up their cros an follow me.
25 4 whoevr wants 2 save their life [f] will lose it, but whoevr losez their life 4 me will find it.
26 wut gud will it be 4 u 2 gain teh whole wurld, yet forfeit ur soul? Or wut can u giv in exchange 4 ur soul?
27 4 da son ov man iz goin 2 come in his fathers glory wif his angels, an den he will reward evryone accordin 2 wut they has dun.
28 "truly i tell u, sum hoo r standin her will not taste death before they c teh son ov man comin in his kingdom."

Exodus 3: 1-15
Moses n teh burnin bush

"OMG dis bush, dis bush, dis bush iz on fire
1 Moses takes teh sheeples to teh Ceiling Cat mountain.
2 I'm in ur bush, burnin, not consumin.
3 Moses sez "OMG dis bush, dis bush, dis bush iz on fire! An iz still on teh fires!"
4 n Ceiling Cat sez "Moses Moses! Yo over teh here!" n Moses be liek, "wut"
5 n Ceiling Cat sez "Takes off ur shoos, dis be holiez placez.
6 I be teh Ceiling cat. All ur dadz are belong to me. n Moses wuz scared.
7 Ceiling Cat sez: "All yez ppl b sad. I seed dat.
8 Iz coming to saves dem an brng lotz ov cheezburgrs an milks. And honeys.
9 i hearz teh ppls cryin an stuf an teh bad guys w/ teh pyramids iz bad guys.
10 Sew, I iz snding U to teh ppl to saves teh ppl, k?"
11 n Moses wuz all liek, 'Wuh? Me? Nowai!'
12 n Ceiling Cat wuz liek, "Wai. I helping U, and U bring teh ppls to wrship teh Ceiling Cat at Ceiling cat mountain.
13 n Moses wuz liek, "Wut if teh peeps say, who iz dat guy there?"
14 n Ceiling Cat wuz leik, "I yam who I yam".
15 4evrs dat b me.

Psalm 105

1 Oh hai! - giv Cieling Cat teh bg prrrrrrrrrrrrr; yel "Ceiling Cat?" rlly lowd: tel othr kittehs (mybe puppeez tu) whut him haz dided.
2 Maek teh noizy mew at him, mybe maek up teh fnny song tu, k?: tel bout teh tiem he maek teh gushy coem out frm frigratr an oter majik stuf him canz du.
3 Rll arown liek hiz naem iz yr ctnipz: beez hppy win yu lookz arown tu seez Cieling Cat.
4 Go arown teh hole howz liek yu crzy cuz yu no canz find favrit toyz -- yu lookz arown to seez Cieling Cat, an teh mussels uv him, tu (hintz: dOOd! lookz up! him iz prbly in cieling -- yu lookz fr whskerz uv him -- RITE NOW! -- all teh tiem -- SRSLY!)

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LOL Cat Bible: Lectionary Readings for the Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost

Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost
Isaiah 51:1-6
Psalm 138 (Ps. 138:8)
Romans 12:1-8
Matthew 16:13-20
Semicontinuous series
Exodus 1:8—2:10
Psalm 124 (Ps. 124:7)
Romans 12:1-8
Matthew 16:13-20

Psalm 138

1 O hai! Ceiling Cat, hai lotz an lotz; hai evn afront of othr Ceiling d00dz
2 I iz all abowt rollin ovah in front of yur howse an sayn ur naem cuz yu are sweet an yur naem iz kewl!
3 When I sed yur naem, yu can haz anser; Iz can not haz scaredz
4 Yu should haz othr d00dz say yur naem. srsly, Ceiling Cat, cuz them hearded yu purringz
5 Othr d00dz shud singz abowt yur stuffz; cuz yu are kewl!
6 Ceiling Cat iz real hie up and him lookz at short peepel; but him noes them d00dz that not haz cheezburger evn wen them iz liek a millyun mielz away
7 I can haz lotz of troubel, but yu cleen my littah boxz, yu giev teh fingah to d00dz dat no liek me, and yur riet paw is teh kewlest
8 Ceiling Cat will alwaez cleen my littah boxz; Ceiling Cat, yur kewlness will last long tiem. Srsly. Plz dont forget to cleen mah littah boxz an giv me cheezburger an stuff.

Romans 12: 1-8

1 n im telln u, cuz Ceiling Cat pwns, u shld giv him ur boddeez, cuz he liek dem, n dis way ur liek "Ceiling Cat pwns", dats wut we do.
2 dont b liek "l00k @ me im liek teh urthz im a n00b", but b liek teh Transformers by recycling ur mind. den u cn do wut Ceiling Cat wants, cuz Ceiling Cat's will is liek "wrd!"
3 i getz 2 say this cuz i has cheezburgerz: don't b liek "l00k @ me I pwn," cuz only n00bs say dat about der SELFS. ur spozd 2 b humble, n let Ceiling Cat do teh praisn.
4 k so its just liek wen u has 1 boddee, but its got lotz of fun stuffs on it to play wth n stuff,
5 so wer liek teh partz of Christs boddee. n we all pwn each othr, but in a good way.
6 peepz gets diffrnt Supr Powrs. if u c teh future, dats awsum. rox dat.
7 n if ur teh servr or teh leechr, rox dat 2.
8 n if ur spozd 2 b a cheerleedr or a guy wit munneez or a leadr or wutever, just b awsum and pwn wutever ur thing is.

Matthew 16: 13-20
I Can Has Messiah???

13 when jesus came 2 teh region ov caesarea filippi, he askd his disciplez, "hoo do peeps say teh son ov man iz?"
14 they replid, "sum say john teh baptist; others say Elikhat; an still others, jeremiah or wan ov teh profets."
15 "but wut bout u?" he askd. "hoo do u say im?"
16 simon petr anzwerd, "u r teh mesiah, teh son ov teh livin ceilin cat."
17 jesus replid, "blesd r u, simon son ov jonah, 4 dis wuz not reveald 2 u by flesh an blood, but by mah fathr in heaven.
18 an i tell u dat u r petr, [b] an on dis rawk im gonna build mah church, an teh gatez ov death [c] will not overcome it.
19 im gonna giv u teh keys ov teh kingdom ov heaven; whatevr u bind on earth will be [d] bound in heaven, an whatevr u loose on earth will be [e] loosd in heaven."
20 den he orderd his disciplez not 2 tell anyone dat he wuz teh mesiah.

Exodus 1: 8 - 2: 10

8 An some othar guy wuz liek, lol I am Kinng of Egypt. Whose is Joseph? Dont even no.
9 King sayed to hiz peeps: Yo. Look at teh Ibruz are lots of em.
10 We gotta stops em an take thear cheezburger. Or els theyll takes our cheezburger, srsly.
11 An he gived them too muchly werk to do. An wuz liek, mek teh citeis! Wif treasurz!
12 But teh Ibruz alredy knoed where penis goes. An wer liek, yay babis. But boo, worrk.
13 An Egyptianz were like, work hardr!
14 An Egyptianz werr liek, Srsly, do all teh work for us. An work hardr.
15 An Egyptking wuz liek, yo babyladies, who mayke babies cum out.
16 Wen therz a boy jew, kill him. Wen therz a girl jew, kept them sose I can mack them. Kthxbye.
17 But babyladies sayed to selvs, teh Ceiling Cat wont like. An they didnt.
18 An the King he saied, WHUT?
19 An they syad to him, lady Jews dont even need us fur babes. They iz liek, nah. (O, an BTW, ur lady Egyptianz iz laemerer.)
20 Ceiling Cat wuz liek to babyladies, yu cann hav cheezburgers.
21 An buckets.
22 Then teh King wuz liek, evrone lissen up! All teh boy jws go in teh rivr, k? let dey b pwntand the cat wuz lyke kk in teh river they go rofl chuck cheez burgerz of there hedz then go river big rofl they dezerve it they are noobz.

Princess findz Moses in a bukket
in teh rievr (Ex 2:5).

Birthin teh Moses

1 Sum guye wented to Levi's place an marryed hiz doter.
2 An the doter hd a bayby who wuz a boi so she hided himm.
3 So she decided to do wot Pharo saied an put hm in teh rievr but she maded a bukkit fur him sos he woudt drounz. An she sed pharo is liek rly laem 4 tellz us puts babyz in teh river An not sais u no can has bukkitz lol st00pid pharo.
4 An his big sis miriam wuz tehr 2 An she hided An wotched him flote awai an she like kthxbai. An teh crocodielz An teh lolrusz did not eated him. wich wuz good cuz if dey did tehr wudnt b no mor storyz An htis wud b rly short bibul.
5 An teh Princess was nekkid in ur riiver havin baffs cuz she rly liekd baffs and sawed teh widdle babie and gotted him out.
6 An teh baby cryd, an Princess wuz liek whoah. A Hebruw. An he iz teh cute 2. WANT!!!!!!!!!
7 An miriam wuz teh rly smrt kidz An she sayd shoud I gett a Hebruwe to takes caer ov it?
8 An Princes she wuz liyk, yeah. so miriam wentd bak 2 her momcats base An sed woah mom, teh princess is finded my kid bro An she is wants hebroo momcat to taeks care of him An u can goes 2 princessz base An do dat An how kewl iz htat?
9 Princess wuz Phoaro's daoter, btw, srsly. An she sed to teh Heberw ladie who wuz rly teh babyz momcat u can has a money 4 bein babysitr An she sed k. cuz Herbbwe layde wuz liek, whoa its my baby. Only she dint sai it ot lowd.
10 An wen he wuz grone up, Princess wuz sayed, Ur naym is Moses, srsly. cuz she sed i meanz i took u out ov teh riverz An stuf.

Psalm 124

1 Ceiling Cat beez on our side
2 Cuz if he nots and badcats attak us.
3 Dey wuld haf angr and dey wuld eated all our cookiez. Srsy.
4 Teh flood wuld haf eated us!
5 Teh waturz wuld haf takeded us awayz. Oh noes!
6 Yay Ceiling Cat! j00 dun let us get eateded by deh teef!
7 We escapded lik a littl burd and gotten away wit deh cheezburgers!
8 Tank j00 Ceiling Cat. j00 roxorz!

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My apologies for being one week late with the Readings for last week. School started and it's been hectic. I promise to try to do better in the future!


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Look What Happened to Barton Mountain

Photo taken in front of my house on Rt. 16 on Sunday, August 24, 2008

On Tuesday, August 19, 2008, there was an Act 250 hearing in Barton on the cell towers that Verizon wants to install in Barton. Vince Illuzi (R State Senator of Essex / Orleans counties) wants the antennas put on his land (he bought the land that the Unicel tower on Barton Mountain is on in 2007). Illuzi was granted party status on this issue, so now he can appeal the Commission's ruling if they decide to allow the Verizon plan.

In order for Verizon to use the Unicel tower on Barton Mountain, Verizon says they would need to dismantle the Unicel tower and construct one up to 150 feet high. The present Unicel tower is only 55 feet high and was nearly completely hidden by trees. You had to look really hard to see it when foliage is out.

It was evident to me listening to Mr. Illuzi's testimony at the hearing, that he has little understanding of the importance of this ridge line. The cliffs under the Unicel tower are where I have frequently heard bobcats. My daughter and I have seen and photographed peregrine falcons. In fact, Amelia saw a falcon hunt and grab a bird in the air. Do the falcons nest on the cliffs? No study has been made.

Two days ago, two days after the hearing, on Thursday, August 21, I came home from school to see this awful mess on Barton Mountain. The land around the Unicel tower, Illuzi's land, was clearcut. It was, in fact, slashed, as can be seen more dramatically from I-91 near Glover.

In the over twenty years that I have watched this mountain and the six years that I have lived here, I have never seen such destruction.

What's up, Mr. Illuzi? Why did this happen?? After listening to you on Tuesday night, I am sure you will have some sort of explanation.

Click on the Barton Mountain tag in my tag cloud to see how this ridge looked before Thursday.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Harness Racing at the Barton Fair

I posted only these four photos of the horses because you can see that all four feet are off of the ground at the same time! Cool!

All photos will open, full-size, in a new window when you click on them.

These are going to be the latarget="new"st of the photos that I blog about the Barton Fair. I have sorted through all of the ones I took and posted over 350 fair photos at my Orleans County Fair Flickr Set. On Friday night I am going to the Caledonia County Fair — the oldest fair in Vermont — with my sister (she lives in Caledonia County).

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Orleans County Fair: The Poultry Barn

I went to the Barton Fair on Saturday with my sister and her husband. One of my favorite places is the poultry barn. Here are some of the chickens I met. Above — Buff, a Rock Rooster.

Molly, a Mottled Bantam Cochin Hen

Stewie (what an unfortunate name!), an Old English Bantam Cross Rooster

A pretty unidentified hen.
Orleans County Fair Flickr Set
When clicked, these photos will open, full size, in a new window.

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Friday, August 15, 2008

My New Subaru

I bought a new car on Tuesday — a 2005 Subaru Outback with 53,000 miles. My Saturn wagon was 9 years old, had 165,000 miles, was falling apart, was unsafe in winter and was costing too much in repairs. I am just thrilled. I never thought I would be able to afford one of these Subarus. This used car is as good as new. I called the dealership on Monday and they got the financing ready. I walked in Tuesday, selected the car and in an hour I drove home. The total time to pick it out and to sign papers: 3 hours. What a difference from a week of agony and waiting years ago!

This wire kitty, named after my Frankie cat from long ago, was unglued from the dash of my old car and re-glued onto the dash of the Subaru. What a great team at St. Jay Auto! From financing to servicing, this was actually an almost pleasant experience.

"SUBARU" is a Japanese word meaning "unite", as well as a term identifying a cluster of six stars, which the Greeks called the Pleiades - part of the Taurus constellation.
According to Greek mythology, Atlas' daughters turned into this group of stars. In 1953, five Japanese companies merged to form Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. The new corporation adopted the "Subaru" cluster of stars as the official logo for its line of automobiles.
Besides the Big and Little Dippers, the Pleiades is the only constellation I have ever been able to identify in the sky. I have always enjoyed the myth of this constellation. And Subaru has a solid reputation here in the north country — you can get through weather that will stop other cars cold.

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LOL Cat Bible: Lectionary Readings for the Fourteenth Sunday after Pentecost

Fourteenth Sunday after Pentecost
Isaiah 56:1, 6-8
Psalm 67 (Ps. 67:3)
Romans 11:1-2a, 29-32
Matthew 15:(10-20) 21-28
Semicontinuous series
Genesis 45:1-15
Psalm 133 (Ps. 133:1)
Romans 11:1-2a, 29-32
Matthew 15:(10-20) 21-28

Isaiah 56: 1, 6-8
Salvashun 4 others

1 This ar teh wut teh lord sez: "maintain justice An do wut iz rite, 4 mah salvashun iz close at hand An mah righteousnes will soon be reveald.

6 An foreigners hoo bind themselvez 2 teh lord 2 serve him, 2 luv teh naym ov teh lord, An 2 worship him, All hoo keep teh sabbath without desecratin it An hoo hold fast 2 mah covenant-
7 Thees im gonna brin 2 mah holy mountain An giv them joy in mah houz ov prayr. Their burnt offerings an sacrificez Will be acceptd on mah altar; 4 mah houz will be calld Houz ov prayr 4 all nashuns."
8 Teh sovereign lord declarez— He hoo gathers teh exilez ov israel: "im gonna gathr still others 2 them Besidez dose already gatherd."

Psalm 67

Weez want Ceiling Cat two feelz bad for us and liek us lots; and look at us from Ceiling. Alz places and kittehs shud know bout Ceiling Cat, and luvs Ceiling Cat.
Alz places shud be happeh cuz Ceiling Cat luvs us alz. Alz kittehs does luv Ceiling Cat; alz kittehs shud luv Ceiling Cat!
Dis place has lots of cheezburgers; Ceiling Cat has made dis so. May Ceiling Cat liek us lots, and alz kittehs shud feer Ceiling Cat! Srsly.

Romans 11: 1-2; 29-32
Whutz Letf ov Izriel

1 So, wuz Ceiling Cat in Izriel, castin awai him d00dz? ROFL! Iz a kitten ov Abrham, Bejamen breeed.
2 Ceiling Cat wuznt in Izriel, castin awai him d00ds. Yu kno waht Elieja sed to Ceiling Cat abuot Izreal, rihgt?

29 bcz iff Ceiling Cat callz yu oar givez yu a gift, yu cant sai no.
30 Yu waz a bad kitteh, adn Ceiling Cat waz niec anywai,
31 so now tehy ar beegn bad kittyz so Ceiling Cat canz bee niec too tehm too!
32 Ceiling Cat maeks evreewun a littel bad so taht he can be niec adn furgiev yu. Srsly. Itz in teh Baible.

Matthew 15: (10-20) 21-28

10 And Jebus sed to evrybody: "LISTEN UP!
11 Iz not wut u eat that maeks u dirtie but wut comes out of u (an I don't mean hairbalz idiot I'm talking about mean wurds an stuf!)."
12 Then his guyz sed "Uhh Jebus thoz guyz r pissed now."
13 But Jebus sed "Evrthing not from Ceiling Cat is gun get killed!
14 Who carez about dem? Htey r blinded and so r all der frendz so they will fall into a ditch lol."
15 An Peter sed: "WUT, WUT!?"
16 An Jebus said, "U NEWB!!!
17 Look, wut u eat gos in ur mouth ends up in teh litterbox so who carez (srsly who cares)
18 But wut u say comes from ur hart so htat's wut realy matterz.
19 From teh hart come evil thoughtz, merderz, all teh bad kinds of sexx0rz, stealings (RIAA lol!), liez, an blasfemieez.
20 Thez r wut actualy maek u dirtie, so who carez if u eat without washen ur hands!?"
21 Then Jebus an crew went to Tyre and Sidon (where der r lotz of nice beaches an sunshine and such).
22 Then a girl-kitteh frum Canaan showed up an said rly rly loud: "HALP! HALP! HALP, O LORD, son of David! My litl girl-kitteh haz a devil!"
23 But Jebus he ignord her. So his disciples were all liek, "Make her STFU!"
24 But he sed, "I wuz sent only to teh lost kittehs of Israel."
25 Then she an wurshiped him an saying, "Lord, halp plz."
26 But he sed, "It is not gud to take the catnip from teh kittehs and give it to strayz!" (NEWBZ)
27 An she said, "Ya, but even strayz eat teh bits of catnip that end up in teh trashcans."
28 Jebus sed "Wow, finally sumbody who actualy getz it! I'll totaly halp your kitteh." An wen she went back home her kitteh was OK.

Genesis 45: 1-15
Joseph sez "Surpriz, itz me!"

1 hten Joseph cudnt stopz form gettin all emo An stuffz An he sed 2 his peepz all u d00dz go wai An dey sed k. An Joseph stopz fakin out his bros.
2 An he got all emo. srsly. An he cryed An stufz An all teh Egyptians in pharos base hurd him but taht wuz k cuz menz wuz aloud 2 cryz back in teh day.
3 An Joseph said hai, I iz ur bro Joseph. iz our old man stil aliev? An his bros wuz getin all skeerd An stufz An didnt knoes wtf 2 do.
4 An Joseph sed 2 his bros bleev me i iz Joseph ur bro wut u selld to teh egypshunz 4 20 moneyz long tiem ago.
5 but dont b all sad An skeerd An stufz cuz Ceiling Cat wantd me 2 com here An saev teh ppl An teh kittehs form starvin An getin ded form teh hungerz.
6 cuz teh hungerz An starvashunz haz ben goin on 4 2 yrz An we stil can haz 5 mor yrs ov no cheezburgrz An no cookiez An stuf.
7 An Ceiling Cat wantd me 2 mek shur hter wil b enuf cheezburgrz An cookies An cornz An katfudz An catnipz An stuffs so teh peepz An teh kittehs wont get ded form teh hungrz An starvashunz.
8 So u didnt rly do wikkid evil thing even tho it lookd liek u did. Ceiling Cat maded u do it. srsly. An he tellz pharo 2 maekz me bosscat ov all his base An ov all teh land ov Egypt. so tehre.
9 so u can goez bak 2 ur old manz base An tellz him joseph sez Ceiling Cat maded me bosscat ov all teh Egypts An he can comz ovr 2 my base rite awai.
10 An i maekz base 4 u in teh land ov Goshen An u An ur wiefs An ur kidz An tehr wiefs An ur hol famlyz An ur kittehs An ur moocows An ur sheeplz can livz tehre.
11 An i wil givz u lotz of cheezburgrz An cookies An cornz An catf00dz An catnipz cuz htere wil b 5 mor yrs ov hungerz An starvashunz An no cheezburgrz An no cookies An if u staiz in canaan u mite get ded form teh hungrz An starvashunz An DO NOT WANT!!!1111!!!!!!
12 newai u can lookz at me An seez taht i iz ur bro. 4 rael.
13 An tell our old man taht im in ur egyptz bein teh bosscat An teh egypt is gud place 4 base An he shud com here rite awai.
14 An joseph got all emo again An it wuz huggz tiem An he An benjamin had big huggz An cryed An stuf.
15 An all his otehr bros got all emo 2 An it wuz rly rly huggz tiem. srsly.

Psalm 133

1 Behold, how gud an how plezent eet ees fur cafren to dfell togefa in uniteh!
2 Eet ees lik teh precioussssss oinkment upon teh hed, fat ran down upon teh beard, even Aaron's beard: dat went down to the skirts of his garments;
3 As teh dew of Hermon, an as teh dew dat desended upon teh mountains ov Zion: for dere teh LORD commanded teh blessing, even life for evermur.

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Matt Makes Pot Stickers

Matt showed me how to make Pot Stickers. Step 1: Lay out your wanton squares (one wanton each for the top and the bottom Pot Sticker). Melt chocolate chips. Mash a banana.

Step 2:
Put a bit of banana on a wanton.
I apologize for not photographing the package of wontons that Matt got at the C&C. But you can get them in the refrigerated section.

Step 3:
Drizzle some chocolate onto the banana.

Step 4:
Wet the edges of the wontons (top and bottom ones) with water.

Step 5:
Gently press together the edges of another wanton onto the wanton with the filling.

Step 6:
Gently place a wanton into boiling vegetable oil. Cook them one at a time. Cook for only a second or two on a side and then turn onto the other side.

Step 7:
Drizzle more melted chocolate chips on the top of the fried wantons. Drizzle more melted chocolate chips on the top of the fried wantons.

Step 8:
Your Pot Stickers are ready to eat! Let them cool a bit so that you don't burn your mouth.

Step 9:
You can make "half wantons" using only one wanton square.

Step 10: You're exhausted now. Have a beer.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Honorable Timothy Hinman

seen on Rt 5 near Derby Pond Veterinary Clinic


— 1762 - 1850 —

A captain in the American Revolution. Born in Southbury, Conn. and came to Vermont in 1790. On this lot overlooking Hinman Pond he built the first house in town in 1794. A log house, rough but solid, thatched with hemlock bark over plank floors. Timothy became a road builder, storekeeper, civic leader, legislator and county court judge. Here he established and led the first church services in Derby.

A true pioneer; an inspiration to his family and community.

Derby Historical Society

from The Vermont Historical Society Community History Project:
Timothy Hinman was the man who built the Hinman Settler Road in the late 1700's. His road played a big part in the colonization of much of northern Vermont. It was also used in the Civil War by traders bringing supplies to men fighting in the war. Other than building the road, Hinman was a teacher, farmer, and a shop keeper. He had a wife and eleven children. He really was a great man.
  • Timothy Hinman was the first permanent settler in Derby.
  • Timothy was born in Woodbury, Connecticut. Woodbury is currently named Southbury.
  • His parents were so religious they baptized him the day he was born.
  • Timothy's ancestor, Edward Hinman, guarded King Charles 1 of England.
  • Timothy married his wife Phebe Stoddard on December 10, 1786.
  • Timothy's wife Phebe died in 1858, eight years after her husband did.
Click the Historical Society link above for more information on the Hinman Settler Road.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

St. Johnsbury Excursion Train

While Amelia worked, Matt and I enjoyed the St. Johnsbury-Lyndonville excursion train as part of St. Johnsbury Summerfest. Above, Matt hangs out a window near the Passumpsic River.

There were two engines — one in front and one in back. This is looking at the back of the back engine (which became the front engine when we returned from Lyndonville) as seen through the door of the car we were riding in.

The car we rode in (it was empty except for us) as we traveled to Lyndonville.
Downtown Lyndonville — showing my favorite book store, Green Mountain Books.

Choo Choo the Clown entertained the kids. This family had moved into "our car" on the return ride. Apparantly their youngster did not like the train ride and cried all the way back. Which was why Matt and I had chosen to ride in the empty car. The other cars were full of noisy kids. The kids' noise and the diesel fumes gave me quite the headache that afternoon. (Yes, I love kids. I am a teacher. But hearing crying for an hour is distressing for anybody.) The little guy finally relaxed at the end of the trip and we all had a good time.

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