Sunday, October 31, 2010

Got On Your Snowsuit? Your Boots? Then Let’s Go Trick or Treating! It’s Halloween!

Halloween 2010 (1)

Yes, it snowed last night. It snowed off and on all day. It picked up this afternoon. But the roads are still warm and so it's a normal Halloween in the Northeast Kingdom. Kids have put on their snowsuits, boots and mittens under their costumes and they are being driven into villages everywhere to get their loot. They will waddle up and down village roads and come home warmed by sugar.

Halloween 2010

Our old house (under major renovations) in the early afternoon today.

Halloween 2010 (2)

On the left is Ironman as Transformer. On the right is Catgirl as, well, Catgirl.

Halloween 2010 (13)

And now, above and below, we are all bundled up with sweatshirts, snowsuits, hats, mittens, boots, and the costumes!

Halloween 2010 (15)



The Dewy Web of a Grass Spider

Web of grass (or funnel-web) spider (5)

I am sure that you have gone out into a meadow early in the morning and seen beautiful, sparkling spider webs spread like a carpet over the grasses. On the morning in July when I took this photo, I found an especially large and beautiful web in the back field. I think it is impossible to capture the beauty with a camera.

These webs are the horizontal web of grass spiders (family Agelenidae). These spiders are also called funnel-web and funnel-weaver spiders. The funnel is on the side of the web (we think it is the vague circular shape on the lower right corner of the web here) and the spider drags its prey into the funnel to eat it. These are not the funnelweb spiders of Australia that are very dangerous. Those are "primitive" (mygalomorph) spiders while our North American grass spiders are "true" (araneomorph) spiders. There are 9 genera of grass spiders in North America and 85 species. You know that next summer I will be paying close attention to these webs and trying to find the spider inside!

We found an interesting bug identification site to share:'s spider page has awesome photographs. Be sure to go to their home page, also, at to explore the rest of the site.


Skullcap & Hardhack

Hardhack (1) - Copy

Spiraea tomentosa

Click here to view a very large image in a new tab or window
so that you can see the beauty of the blossoms.

John and I have a collection of over 120 different species of wildflowers that we have photographed and identified. The 120 are not all that we know. In fact, we are always finding species that we don't know. In the photographs from last July, we have found two new wildflowers that we have never seen before: hardhack and skullcap. Both are native to Vermont. Hardhack is photograph above and was taken here at home in the back field. It is in the Rose family and is also called steeple bush. The name hardhack comes from the tough stem that it has.

Common skullcap (1)

Scutellaria galericulata

Common skullcap (6)

The two photographs above are of common (or marshy) skullcap. There are hundreds of different species of skullcap. This is part of the Mint family. It has medicinal properties (but be careful that you read thoroughly all the information about skullcaps so that you don't harm yourself). The blossoms of skullcap are always in pairs and face the same direction.

The skullcap photos were taken when I returned to the Willoughby Bog with John on July 31. They were not serious photographs. I took them to gauge the light in the forest. But this weekend, while reviewing the photographs, we realized we should have paid more attention to this bloom. So the photos are fuzzy and poorly composed.Because of the poor quality, I cannot post the photographs to my Photo A Day blog.

There are now over 128 plants in our Plants of New England Collection. Click and visit!


Friday, October 29, 2010

Veery or Hermit?

John and I spent hours debating the identification of this bird. I took these photos on July 31 in the apple orchard about 8 AM. I was (and still am) learning how to photograph birds with the 250mm lens outside. I finally e-mailed the Stokes and asked them. They helped me out once, years ago. I was all excited one winter and thought I had found a new species in Vermont that shouldn't be here. I was chagrined when the Stokes told me I had photographed a goldfinch in winter's clothing!

My photos here are not clear enough for them to identify, but Mrs. Stokes did say this was either a juvenile veery or a juvenile hermit thrush (at least John and I knew it was a thrush!).

The Stokes photograph their own birds. I just recently found a copy of their Stokes Field Guide to Birds: Eastern Region (Stokes Field Guides)at Agway and immediately bought it. Unfortunately, sometimes no book will help you unless the bird you saw was clearly visible. Click here for the Stokes hermit thrush photographs and their veery photographs here. They are both gorgeous birds. Be sure to visit their blogs: Stokes Birding Blog and Stokes Birds at Home

Thank you, Mrs. Stokes!


LOL Cat Bible: Lectionary Readings for Halloween, October 31, 2010

Halloween Sunday, October 31, 2010

Habakkuk 1:1-4; 2:1-4
Psalm 119:137-144
Isaiah 1:10-18
Psalm 32:1-7
2 Thessalonians 1:1-4, 11-12
Luke 19:1-10


Habakkuk 1:1-4; 2:1-4

1 Teh orakul dat Habakkuk teh prophet gotzted. Habakkuk sez
2 OHAITHAR Ceiling CAt, why u be ignorin me?
3 ur all liek, "violenz n haterz, let me show you dem"
4 ther4, u suck. luv, Habakkuk

1 Me goes on meh chimneys and waits for Ceiling Cat. He ansurz aftr while about I said... and might taeks meh cheezburgers CEILING CAT'S answer
2 So Ceiling Cat sez: "Here's a tablet, makes it with big pawz so other kittehs can see, k?"
3 "I knoes u be waitin 4 da revelashun, but these things take time. hez comin tho, u wait." (Check back of book if u can't wait)
4 "And chekz it out, k. The kitteh with big thinks about hizself... hiz fur iz not so fluffy, srsly! But, the good kittehs haz the nine lives cuz dey the trust Ceiling Cat."

funny pictures-He hazd a brane...  but we eeated it.

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Psalm 119

Funny Pictures of Cats with Captions

Teh Aleph
1 [a] Luky dem hus pat iz raizos, dey hu fallow da Ceiling Cats lov.2 Luky dem hu keepz Hiz kovenant an bai their hole hart azk Hiz wil,3 thei hu don do ´rong but wook Hiz wayz.4 U´ve given ur rulz to bii fulli obeid.5 Aww, dat mai wayz wer stedi wen dooin´ woot u sayz!6 I won´t be a n00b wen i´m dooin´ all w00t u sayz.7 Ai wil meow 2 u from mai hart wen learnin´ ur gud lawz.8 Ai wil do w00t u sayz - never 4sake me.

Teh Beth
9 How a lil´ kittah keepz hiz wei purrrrr? Bai livin´ az u sayz.10 Aim lockin´ 4 u wit all my hart; don´t let me to do w00t u not wish.11 Ur word is in mai hart, stoppin my sins12 Meow 2 u, aww Ceiling Cat, teez me w00t u sayz13 Ai wil sayz 2 evry1 all dat komes from ur mouth14 Ai liek 2 do w00t ya sayz liek ai liek a kup o´ gud milk.15 I think ov w00t u sayz´n luk 4 ur wayz.16 Ai enzoi w00t u sayz; ai wil not 4get ur wordz

Teh Gimel
17 Pet ya lil´ kittah´n ai wil liev, ai wil obei ur wordz.18 Open mai aiz 2 see niec tingz in ur law.19 Ai am a stranger on earth; don´t hide w00t u sayz from me.20 Mah soul iz consumd wif longin 4 ur laws at all tiems.21 u rebuke teh arrogant, hoo r accursd, Dose hoo stray frum ur commandz.22 remoov frum me scorn an contempt, 4 i keep ur statutez.23 though rulers sit togethr an slandr me, Ur servant will meditate on ur decreez.24 ur statutez r mah delight; They r mah counselors.

Teh Daleth
25 Im laid low in da dust; Preserve mah life accordin 2 ur werd.26 i gaev an akownt ov mah ways an u anzwerd me; Teach me ur decreez.27 cause me 2 understand teh wai ov ur precepts, Dat i cud meditate on ur wanderbl deedz.28 mah soul iz weary wif sorrow; Strengthen me accordin 2 ur werd.29 keep me frum deceitful ways; Be grashus 2 me an teach me ur law.30 i has chosen teh wai ov faithfulnes; I has set mah hart on ur laws.31 i hold fast 2 ur statutez, lord; Do not let me be put 2 shame.32 i run in da path ov ur commandz, 4 u has set mah hart free.

Teh He
33 Teach me, lord, teh wai ov ur decreez, Dat i cud follow it 2 teh end. [b]34 gimie understandin, so dat i cud keep ur law An obey it wif all mah hart.35 direct me in da path ov ur commandz, 4 thar i find delight.36 turn mah hart toward ur statutez An not toward selfish gain.37 turn mah eyez away frum worthles things; Preserve mah life accordin 2 ur werd. [c]38 fulfill ur promize 2 ur servant, So dat u cud be feard.39 taek away teh disgrace i dread, 4 ur laws r gud.40 how i long 4 ur precepts! In ur righteousnes preserve mah life.

Teh Waw
41 Cud ur unfailin luv come 2 me, lord, Ur salvashun, accordin 2 ur promize;42 den i can anzwr anyone hoo taunts me, 4 i trust in ur werd.43 nevr taek ur werd ov truth frum mah mouth, 4 i has put mah hope in ur laws.44 im gonna always obey ur law, 4 evr an evr.45 im gonna walk bout in freedom, 4 i has sought out ur precepts.46 im gonna speek ov ur statutez before kings An will not be put 2 shame,47 4 i delight in ur commandz Cuz i luv them.48 i reach out 4 ur commandz, which i luv, Dat i cud meditate on ur decreez.

Teh Zayin
49 Oh hai, u no can has forget ur meows to ur behbeh kitteh, fur u haz gave me cheezburger and u has not eated it.50 Iz sik from bad fud but Ceiling Cat sez Ceiling Cat can has keeps me aliev.51 Teh no gud puppehs bark an bark an bark, but Iz eated ur cheezburgerz.52 Ceiling Cat, I can has ur old cheezburgerz, an I eats dem and Iz happeh.53 Iz mad at teh no gud puppehs dat no has gud cheezburgerz.54 I eats ur cheezburgerz were i seepz. Srlsy.55 Wen iz dark, Ceiling Cat, I can has ur naem, cuz I wants can has cheezburgerz.56 I alweyz eated ur cheezburgerz. Kthxbai

Teh Heth
57 Oh hai, u r mah cheezburger, Ceiling Cat; I has promisd 2 obey ur meowz. Srlsy.58 i has sought ur face wif all mah hart; givz me cheezburgerz 2 me accordin 2 ur promize,kthx.59 i has considerd mah ways An has turnd mah pawz 2 ur statutez.60 im gonna hasten an not delay 2 obey ur meowz.61 though teh puppehs bind me wif ropez, Im gonna not forget ur cheezburger.62 at midnite i rize 2 giv u thx 4 ur cheezburgers. (Even tho I seeps 20 hrs per day. I iz kitteh an I gets up in teh middle ov teh nite. Srlsy.)63 im frend 2 all hoo fear u, 2 all hoo follow ur meowz.64 teh Urfs iz filld wif cheezburgerz, Ceiling Cat; Teach me ur decreez. Kthxbai

Teh Teth
65 Oh hai, do gud 2 ur behbeh kitteh Accordin 2 ur meows, Ceiling Cat.66 I wantz to lurn all bout u an teh ceiling, 4 u is teh awsum.67 before i wuz sik i went in rong kitteh boks, But nao i lissen 2 Ceiling Cat. Srsly.68 u r gud, an wut u do iz teh gud; I can has troof plz?69 though teh no gud puppehs has barked an barkd and barkd, I believs u.70 they is teh meen, But i lieks ur cheezburgerz.71 it wuz gud 4 me 2 be teh sik behbeh kitteh cuz I lurned ur roolz. 72 I lurves teh meows frum Ceiling Cat moar Than teh fanci feest kitteh fud. Kthxbai

Teh Yoda
73 Ur hanz made me an formd me; Gimie understandin 2 lern ur commandz.75 i knoe, lord, dat ur laws r righteous, An dat in faithfulnes u has afflictd me.76 cud ur unfailin luv be mah comfort, Accordin 2 ur promize 2 ur servant.77 let ur compashun come 2 me dat i cud liv, 4 ur law iz mah delight.78 cud teh arrogant be put 2 shame 4 wrongin me without cause; But im gonna meditate on ur precepts.79 cud dose hoo fear u turn 2 me, Dose hoo understand ur statutez.80 cud mah hart be blameles toward ur decreez, Dat i cud not be put 2 shame.

Teh Kaph
81 Mah soul faints wif longin 4 ur salvashun, But i has put mah hope in ur werd.82 mah eyez fail, lookin 4 ur promize; I say, "when will u comfort me?"83 though im liek wineskin in da smoke, I no forget ur decreez.84 how long must ur servant wait? When will u punish mah persecutors?85 teh arrogant dig pits 2 trap me, Contrary 2 ur law.86 all ur commandz r trustworthy; Halp me, 4 im bean persecutd without cause.87 they almost wipd me frum teh earth, But i has not forsaken ur precepts.88 in ur unfailin luv preserve mah life, Dat i cud obey teh statutez ov ur mouth.

Teh Lamedh
89 Ur werd, lord, iz eternal; It standz firm in da heavens.90 ur faithfulnes continuez thru all generashuns; U establishd teh earth, an it endurez.91 ur laws endure 2 dis dai, 4 all things serve u.92 if ur law had not been mah delight, I wud has perishd in mah afflicshun.93 im gonna nevr forget ur precepts, 4 by them u has preservd mah life.94 save me, 4 im yours; I has sought out ur precepts.95 teh wickd r waitin 2 destroy me, But im gonna pondr ur statutez.96 2 all perfecshun i c limit, But ur commandz r boundles.

Teh Mem
97 oh, how i luv ur law! I meditate on it all dai long.98 ur commandz r always wif me An mak me wisr than mah enemiez.99 i has moar insight than all mah teachers, 4 i meditate on ur statutez.100 i has moar understandin than teh elders, 4 i obey ur precepts.101 i has kept mah feet frum evry evil path So dat i mite obey ur werd.102 i has not departd frum ur laws, 4 u yourself has taught me.103 how sweet r ur werdz 2 mah taste, Sweetr than honey 2 mah mouth!104 i gain understandin frum ur precepts; Therefore i hate evry wrong path.

Teh Nun
105 Ur werd iz lamp 2 mah feet An light 4 mah path.106 i has taken an oath an confirmd it, Dat im gonna follow ur righteous laws.107 i has sufferd mutch; Preserve mah life, lord, accordin 2 ur werd.108 accept, lord, teh willin praize ov mah mouth, An teach me ur laws.109 though i constantly taek mah life in mah hanz, Im gonna not forget ur law.110 teh wickd has set snare 4 me, But i has not strayd frum ur precepts.111 ur statutez r mah heritage forevr; They r teh joy ov mah hart.112 mah hart iz set on keepin ur decreez 2 teh vry end. [d]

Teh Samekh
113 i hate double-mindd peeps, But i luv ur law.114 u r mah refuge an mah shield; I has put mah hope in ur werd.115 away frum me, u evildoers, Dat i cud keep teh commandz ov mah ceilin cat!116 sustain me accordin 2 ur promize, an im gonna liv; Do not let mah hopez be dashd.117 ufold me, an im gonna be deliverd; Im gonna always has regard 4 ur decreez.118 u reject all hoo stray frum ur decreez, 4 their delushuns come 2 nothin.119 all teh wickd ov teh earth u discard liek dros; Therefore i luv ur statutez.120 mah flesh tremblez in fear ov u; I stand in awe ov ur laws.

funny pictures of cats with captions

Teh Ayin
121 I has dun wut iz righteous an jus; Do not leef me 2 mah oppresors.122 ensure ur servants well-bean; Do not let teh arrogant oppres me.123 mah eyez fail, lookin 4 ur salvashun, Lookin 4 ur righteous promize.124 deal wif ur servant accordin 2 ur luv An teach me ur decreez.125 im ur servant; gimie discernment Dat i cud understand ur statutez.126 it tiem 4 u 2 act, lord; Ur law iz bean brokd.127 cuz i luv ur commandz Moar than gold, moar than pure gold,128 an cuz i considr all ur precepts rite, I hate evry wrong path.

Teh Pe
129 Ur statutez r wanderbl; Therefore i obey them.130 teh unfoldin ov ur werdz givez light; It givez understandin 2 teh simple.131 i open mah mouth an pant, Longin 4 ur commandz.132 turn 2 me an has mercy on me, As u always do 2 dose hoo luv ur naym.133 direct mah footsteps accordin 2 ur werd; Let no sin rule ovar me.134 redeem me frum hooman oppreshun, Dat i cud obey ur precepts.135 mak ur face shine on ur servant An teach me ur decreez.136 streams ov tears flow frum mah eyez, 4 ur law iz not obeyd.

Teh Tsadhe
137 U r righteous, lord, An ur laws r rite.138 teh statutez u has laid down r righteous; They r fully trustworthy.139 mah zeal wears me out, 4 mah enemiez ignore ur werdz.140 ur promisez has been thoroughly testd, An ur servant lovez them.141 though im lowly an despisd, I no forget ur precepts.142 ur righteousnes iz evrlastin An ur law iz true.143 trouble an distres has come upon me, But ur commandz gimie delight.144 ur statutez r always righteous; Gimie understandin dat i cud liv.

Teh Qoph
145 I call wif all mah hart; anzwr me, lord, An im gonna obey ur decreez.146 i call out 2 u; save me An im gonna keep ur statutez.147 i rize before dawn an cry 4 halp; I has put mah hope in ur werd.148 mah eyez stay open thru teh watchez ov teh nite, Dat i cud meditate on ur promisez.149 hear mah voice in accordance wif ur luv; Preserve mah life, lord, accordin 2 ur laws.150 dose hoo devize wickd schemez r near, But they r far frum ur law.151 yet u r near, lord, An all ur commandz r true.152 long ago i lernd frum ur statutez Dat u establishd them 2 last forevr.

Teh Resh
153 Look on mah sufferin an delivr me, 4 i has not forgotten ur law.154 defend mah cause an redeem me; Preserve mah life accordin 2 ur promize.155 salvashun iz far frum teh wickd, 4 they do not seek out ur decreez.156 ur compashun, lord, iz great; Preserve mah life accordin 2 ur laws.157 lotz da r teh foez hoo persecute me, But i has not turnd frum ur statutez.158 i look on teh faithles wif loathin, 4 they do not obey ur werd.159 c how i luv ur precepts; Preserve mah life, lord, in accordance wif ur luv.160 all ur werdz r true; All ur righteous laws r eternal.

Teh Sin and Teh Shin
161 Rulers persecute me without cause, But mah hart tremblez at ur werd.162 i rejoice in ur promize Liek wan hoo findz great spoil.163 i hate an detest falsehood But i luv ur law.164 7 tiems dai i praize u 4 ur righteous laws.165 great peace has dose hoo luv ur law, An nothin can mak them stumble.166 i wait 4 ur salvashun, lord, An i follow ur commandz.167 i obey ur statutez, 4 i luv them greatly.168 i obey ur precepts an ur statutez, 4 all mah ways r known 2 u.

Teh Taw
169 Cud mah cry come before u, lord; Gimie understandin accordin 2 ur werd.170 cud mah supplicashun come before u; Delivr me accordin 2 ur promize.171 cud mah lips overflow wif praize, 4 u teach me ur decreez.172 cud mah tongue sing ov ur werd, 4 all ur commandz r righteous.173 cud ur hand be ready 2 halp me, 4 i has chosen ur precepts.174 i long 4 ur salvashun, lord, An ur law givez me delight.175 let me liv dat i cud praize u, An cud ur laws sustain me.176 i has strayd liek lost sheep. Seek ur servant, 4 i has not forgotten ur commandz.

Teh Footnotes
a - Psalm 119:1 dis psalm iz an acrostic poem; teh versez ov each stanza begin wif teh same lettr ov teh hebrew alfabet. Srlsy. Kthxbai
b - Psalm 119:33 or follow it 4 itz reward
c - Psalm 119:37 2 manuscripts ov teh masoretic text an ded sea scrolls; most manuscripts ov teh masoretic text life in ur wai
d - Psalm 119:112 or / 4 their endurin cheezburgerz

funny pictures of cats with captions

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Isaiah 1:10-18

10 Ffs, dis iz teh last taim ceiling cat iz gonna tel u:
11 "ZOMG GUISE, AI HAZ ENUF OV U KITTEHS! Tank u so much 4 kepin al teh mousez for me but ai kant eats dem al dat fast! Iz not lol ennimor! We iz waistin teh mousez! U iz can haz bein killin al teh mousez an i iz sik ov it!
12 "Eniwai, hu tolded u to get al teh mousez and be rekkin mai haus? Not ai. Ceiling cat don be tellin nowun to be makin teh mes u kittehs haz maid.
13 "So nau ceiling cat be tellin u to stop gettin al teh mousez,
14 an u not be aloud to haz al nait partees enimor coz ceiling cat iz gettin jak ov it. Teh muzak iz too laud an teh nayborz don liek r0x0rz muzak eniwai. If u guise haz anuzza partee den ceiling cat wil be shautin 'oh hai everywun, i iz in ur partay and i iz shuttin it daun.'
15 "An i noes dat u iz gunna cumplain bout it, but ceiling cat iz gunna sai 'tork to mai por' and waiv hiz por arund soz that he kant here u kittehs cumplainin. It iz al ur foltz for not ternin daun teh muzak, an i iz punishin u al.
16 "Soz befor ceiling cat kikz ur kittehbutts outta teh haus, kleen it up alredi. Stop be trashin mai haus. uzzawize no mor cheezburgrz, EVA."
17 "Ceiling Cat sayz lerns teh gud; Find justices, k? Tell teh opprezzed dey can has cheezburgrz. Care 4 teh littel orphan bebes. N cry fur teh widowz."
18 At tis point, ceiling kat iz eetin a cheezburgr NOM NOM NOM to remaind teh kittehs hu da boss.

funny pictures of cats with captions

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Psalm 32

Funny Pictures of Cats with Captions

1 Cheezburgerz iz for him who iz badnesh are forgeevenz, whoes invizible error hav hided.

2 Cheezberger for da cat whoes invizible erros teh Ceiling Cat doeshunt haz ues againsht him and in whoes speerits iz noes trickory.

3 When ai iz be quiet, mai bonse waisted awai cuz ai iz meowing all de dai lawng.

4 Foh dai and nite Yor big paw wuz on meh; and ai wuz week and fraid of getting crushord az in de heet of shummer. Srsly

5 Den ai told yu, Ceiling Cat, dat ai invizible errored and did nawt coverz up nuthin. ai sayz, "ai haz confesh meh transhazgreshonz to de Ceiling Cat"— and yu forgivend da gilt of meh invizible error. Srsly

6 Derfore let allz whoes iz luv Ceiling Cat prai to yuz Whaile yu may bez lickd; shurly when da mitey watahs risez, Dey will nots get him wets.

7 Yu are my shafe place; yu will hidez me from bad gaiz k? and seengz lotsh of songs plz. Srsly

8 ai will haz teachre yu de wai to goz; ai will haz watch yu az yu go, and shometiem whiel yu lick yurshelf.

9 Dunt be like de horsie or mulez, k? dey got no undershtanding and musht be ridden on bai kittiez wit bitz and bridles or dey wunt come to yu.

10 Many sadness iz for de bad kittie, but de Ceiling Cat luvs de kittie who haz trust him. kthx!

11 Be extatik wif da Ceiling Cat and be goowd kittie; seeng, allz yu hoo are uprites in de hart! kthxbai!

>funny pictures of cats with captions

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2 Thessalonians 1:1-4, 11-12

1 Ket bros Paul, Silvanus, and Timothy sez to the chuch of teh Thessalonians in Ceiling Cat teh biggie and teh Jebus:
2 Oh hai, u guise can haz cheezbrgrs an peeces from Ceiling Cat teh biggie and Lod Jebus, kgud? Theys is, cuz you has bin, k.

Thanksing an Praer
3 Alwaise shud be thanksing Ceiling Cat for youse, yo faythe is hasn a flavor an teh luvz ofteh kets an for teh udder guise is wikid an grows the wikidness bigger, ttlysrsly.
4 So we rubz ouselves and spray in teh homes of Ceiling Cat celebratin ur pounce and belieevez in all your persimmons and teh whiskas you endure.

funny pictures of cats with captions

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11 OK, wez alwais prai fr yu, so taht Ceiling Cat maek you gud fr himz to call or txt msg, an maiks evrthngs yuo dose wurk soopr gud,
12 4 so Lod Jebus naem maek yuo teh roxxor, an him teh roxxors too LOL, liek Ceiling Cat and Jebus grayce kthxbai.

funny pictures of cats with captions

see more Lolcats and funny pictures

Luke 19:1-10

lolcats and funny picturesJebus and Zaccheus
1 Jebus goed to Jericho.
2 An der wuz dis rich IRS d00d Zaccheus who want see Jebus
3 but him too short to see! LOL
4 Him smrt d00d an clim up tree.
5 Den Jebus luk up in tree an sez "Oh hai! Git down, cuz I crash at ur plaes toniet."
6 An Zaccheus wuz happi.
7 But ppl sez "WTF? Him bad kitteh! Wai Jebus stay wit him?"
8 But Zaccheus sez "I be gud kitteh frm now on an gif bak all teh cheezburgrs I stealded. Timz foar!"
9 An Jebus sez "Yay! U be savd now!10 Datz wut I heer to do!"


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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Waning Gibbous Moon

Waning Gibbous 74% of Full (1) (1)

I took this photograph at 8 AM on July 31, 2010. The full moon had been on July 26. The July full moon is the Full Buck Moon because "Bucks begin to grow new antlers at this time. This full Moon was also known as the Thunder Moon, because thunderstorms are so frequent during this month." (Source: I really like how this photograph turned out. The details of the surface are pretty clear.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Willoughby Bog Hike

Willoughby Bog Hike (25)

On July 30, Catgirl, Ironman, Wingnut and I hiked the Willoughby Bog in the Westmore Town Forest. It is part of the Willoughby State Forest. This is the only photograph I have of Wingnut on this hike! He kept disappearing or walking far ahead of us. I finally, here near the end of the hike, ordered him to stop and pose with the little kids. And what a contrast of ages and heights! Wingnut was terrific with the little kids this summer.

This hike is full of bridges, log walks and stepping stones to cross brooks and wetlands. The kids loved all these, as you can see below. Little four-year-old Ironman carried our snacks and supplies for more than one mile! After that, Wingnut carried them for the little guy.

Willoughby Bog Hike (13)
Willoughby Bog Hike (21)
Willoughby Bog Hike (7)
Willoughby Bog Hike (11)
Willoughby Bog Hike (35)

In the photograph above, you see the beginning of the actual bog walk. This is the shortest and most interesting part of the hike. The bog here was full of blueberries and pitcher plants. Below are the many plants that we saw and photographed.

Willoughby Bog Hike (56)

Above, the blue fruit of the bluebead lily (Clintonia borealis)

Willoughby Bog Hike (27)

Above, a bracket fungus called a hoof tinder fungus (Fomes fomentarius) because it looks like a giant horse hoof. This one is three years old because there are three layers (cracks). One layer grows each year.

Willoughby Bog Hike (50)

Above, bunchberry (Cornus canadensis)

Willoughby Bog Hike (44)

Above: A purple pitcher plant (Sarracenia purpurea).. I didn't even know how important this plant was until John saw the photo the next day and got excited about it. He and I returned to the bog the next day so that he could see them. He taught me a lot about this rare plant.

Willoughby Bog Hike (31)

Above: Shining Firmoss (Huperzia lucidula). John and I spent this evening identifying, and re-identifying plants. This plant, which I called a clubmoss, created quite a debate. Technically it is not a clubmoss but is often called a clubmoss.

There are signs all over the trails. We took the Back Loop Trail that made this hike just over two miles long — quite long enough for such little folk as Catgirl and Ironman. You can't get lost with the good signposts! There was also a great informational signboard towards the beginning of the trail. All of the guides and maps on the board were available at the Westmore Town Clerk. I never have picked up copies, though. I should.

Willoughby Bog Hike (4)
Willoughby Bog Hike (17)
Willoughby Bog Hike (29)
Willoughby Bog Hike (32)
Willoughby Bog Hike (33)
Willoughby Bog Hike (14)

The Willoughby Bog is dedicated to Erland C. Gjessing and a plaque stands at the beginning of the bog walk in his honor:

Willoughby Bog Hike (36)

At the end of the hike, we saw a wonderful view of Wheeler Mountain from the trail. After the hike, we drove all the way down to Lyndonville and had lunch at MacDonald's! The kids all thought that was fantastic (there are no fast food places closer than twenty miles from the house, so we never go unless we go into town). We also went to Green Mountain Books in Lyndonville and got some great guide books, novels and activity books for the summer. It was a great day!

Willoughby Bog Hike (48)

Wheeler Mountain


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Saturday, October 23, 2010


I woke up Friday morning to snow on the roof. There were patches of snow on the ground. The wind was roaring around the house and through the old windows. This is a very old house and there never has been heat in my bedroom so it was brutally cold — about 44°F. The fiercer the wind blows the more you feel the cold.

Buddy the Cat had slept under the covers with me all night and needed to be persuaded to leave his warm nest. We dragged ourselves out of bed and went downstairs where it was warm. I turned on the computer to see what the National Weather Service (NWS) predicted for the day. It said there was a 20% chance of flurries. Well, already it had flurried until it had accumulated. But at least there was no storm coming. Because I usually blog about the first snow every autumn, I grabbed the 20% snowy icon from the NWS for this post.

And guess what the URL for this icon is?

Yes, they keep the snowy icons in their WTF folder. I think it’s an appropriate place for them.


LOL Cat Bible: Lectionary Readings for Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Joel 2:23-32
Psalm 65
Sirach 35:12-17
Jeremiah 14:7-10, 19-22
Psalm 84:1-7
2 Timothy 4:6-8, 16-18
Luke 18:9-14

Psalm 65

1 U iz rly gret o ceiling cat. Al teh kittehs will sez niez stuf bout u.
2 U haerz wen teh boel becum emmty en us meowz fur moar fuds. Alz teh aminals en hoominz en kittehs sez deyz sry
3 wen dey steelz ur cookiez, en u telz dem, "itz k, srsly."
4 Teh kittehs livinz neks to u can has lotz cheezburgerz.
5 U pwnz teh dogz wen teh dogz boffers us en we yammerz ur naem. O Ceiling Cat, u sendz teh cheezburgerz al ovr teh urf, to teh lolrus in teh norf and teh rinoceruses in teh souf,
6 wif ur lowd meowz u skeerd teh urf soo teh mountains groed laik graet fear bumpz awn teh landz,
7 wif ur graet pwnin pawz u turnz awf teh baff fawset, en openz up teh drain so teh kittehs no mus taek baff wich dey no laiks.
8 Alz teh aminals en alz teh urf fears ur pwnin pawz, u maeks teh dai purrz wif joi en teh nait wif hapiage.
9 U coemz down frm teh ceiling en fillz teh drinkin boels wif helfy vaitimen waturz, wich r betr den teh natsty fawset waturz dat teh hoominz givz us (al teh waturs in teh ceiling can has helfy vaitiminz, en bai teh waturz grows teh bes cookiez en teh mos gushi of teh gushifuds).
10 U maeks teh catgrass en teh catnips grow.
11 U maeks teh hoel yeer fulz wif teh happiez. Teh graivy gushies frm teh gushifud truk wich u draivz now en den.
12 Teh fields waer teh lionz livez r wet wif gravy, teh mountinz laf becuz de lionz r sticky.
13 Teh rinoceruses runz in teh fields, teh nip becumz high (en teh kittehs two) in teh valee, teh kittehs alz is joi en dey purrz laik dey is gettin teh scratchage on teh chin.

funny pictures-Wen ai find teh minion who pushed me, der will be hell tu pay for shur.

see more Lolcats and funny pictures

Jeremiah 14:7-10, 19-22

7 Iz rebenje foar ar invisibl error. Pleez, Ceiling Cat, can has mercees?
8 Pleez mayk teh ebil nynjas GTFO. kthx!
9 We crai to yu Ceiling Cat, do not foarsayk us!
10 Dis wat teh Ceiling Cat sez: "O Hai! I letz teh nynjas sneeks arownd, kthxbai!
Cuz wen dey dun eatedin ur twynkees, I pwn dem aneewai. Rly? Ya, rly!

19 Duz Ceiling Cat hayt us? We can has peece and bukkits?
20 O Hai, wez kno wez ben bad st00pid n00bs. Can has ur mercees?
21 Pleez don hayts us, kthx! Memer we has cobenent! Pleez keeps plomise.
22 Skyez no sendz rayns, Yu do, Ceiling Cat. Cuz yu teh shiznitz! Praiyz yu FTW!
So sayith teh Ceiling Cat. A-miaow!

funny pictures of cats with captions see more Lolcats and funny pictures

Psalm 84

1 Ceiling Cat haz teh bestestest ov houzez, O yeah.
2 I wantz 2 curl up in teh houz of teh Ceiling Cat and can haz cheezburgr.
3 Teh birdiez, teh swallowz An teh sparrowz who makez teh baybee chickeez I laiks 2 chase An eat, we haz all napped in teh houz of teh Ceiling Cat.
4 Hai Ceiling Cat, the kittehs in ur houz say kthx for making teh cheezburgrz alwaiz.
5 Hai Ceiling Cat, teh kittehs cldn’t chazez teh birdiez widdout u.
6 Teh Ceiling Cat alwaiz makz teh litter box cleen 4 teh kittehs.
7 An we climbz treez hai 2 see teh Ceiling Cat.
8 O yeah Ceiling Cat, we luv u. An dat Jacob dood laiks u 2, so lissen, eh?
9 Lookit Ceiling Cat, lookit ma tail.
10 I can haz ly in ur houz onlee 4 1day, itz bettr’n mastubatin out in teh tentz all teh time.
11 Cuz u givez cookiez An cheezburgrz An keepz teh dogz away from teh kittehs dat laiks u An walkz on 4 pawz bhind u.
12 Dey dat laiks teh Ceiling Cat will alwaiz have cheezburgrz An nap in ur houz. kthx bai.

funny pictures of cats with captions

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2 Timothy 4:6-8, 16-18

Hao Iz feelin'
6 Iz not feelin so well, akshuly. Iz thinkin tiem fer las trip to de vet.
7 Iz ben gud kitteh
8 Nao I getz cheezburgers ferever in heven, wen Jeebus givz dem to meh – an not just meh, but fer all kittehs who wants hims cheezburgers reel bad.

Ai goes to vet
16 Wen I furst goed to vet, nobuddy helpded me, all de kittehs rans awai. I hops Ceiling Cat forgives dem
17 Jeebus wuz wit meh an givded meh strongness, so Iz cud preech lader an all de kittehs can heer. I scaped de eevil doggehs
18 Jeebus saves meh frum de doggehs an brings meh save to Kingdum ov Heven. Jeebus rocks

Luke 18:9-14
Storee of deh Farisee and deh Taks Kitteh

9 Jebus told dis storee speshulee 2 de kittehs dat tink theyr bettur dan deh udder kittehs.
10 2 kittehs went 2 deh plase where theh do deh best prayinz. One wuz a farisee kitteh and deh udder wuz a taks kitteh, for deh IRS or sumpin.
11 Farisee kitteh wuz prayin all stuk-up and arrogant, purrin bout hisself. “Tank Ceiling Cat dat I am a betteh kitteh dan all deh udders—-theevin kittehs, sinnin kittehs, cheatin kittehs—-or lyk dis taks kitteh heer.
12 I catch micez twys a week and giv my xtra kibbulz 2 deh chrch, srsly, kthx.
13 But deh taks kitteh, he wuz off bai himself. Hiz tayl wuz down, n he wuz not purrin. “Ceiling Cat, forgiv mai nottees, plz?” he sed.
14 Jebus sed 2 deh lolcats, ‘dis taks kitteh, not the farisee kitteh, made Ceiling Cat purr. Prowd kittehs will get lokd in deh closet, but humbul kittehs will get 2 lai in deh sun.”

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