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Photo Hunters: Party Animals

Eight horses enjoying the strong sun today in Barton Village.
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LOL Cat Bible: Lectionary Readings for the Fourth Sunday in Lent

Fourth Sunday in Lent

1 Samuel 16:1-13
Psalm 23 (Ps. 23:5)
Ephesians 5:8-14
John 9:1-41

1 Samuel 16:1-13

1. Ceiling Cat tellded Samuel "u can has no mar teerz. Saul not be down wit Israel. U can finded Jesse in Bethlehemville, his sun gunna be da Kingz. Here take dis oluvejuse"
2. Samuell sais "OMG!!!1! Saul will maek me ded" and Ceiling Cat sez "Taek di moocows and make it ded for Ceiling Cat"
3. "It can be ded moocown partiez time and Jesse can come too. You make Jesse da kingz"
4. Samuel did what Ceiling cat tolded him 2. All the Bethlehemvillians d00dz were scareded.
5. Samuel invited dem all to ded moocow partiez.
6 Wen dey arrivd, Samuel seez Eliab n thot, "Srsly, the Ceiling Catz annointed standz here before the Ceiling Cat. Dis d00dz is teh 1337ness!"
7 But Ceiling Cat sed to Samuel, "DO NOT WANT. Ceiling Cat iz inside u ppl, lookin at ur heartz."
8. Samuel seez Abinadab and thot "di d00dz are made of win!" But Ceiling cat telded Samuel that Abinidab was failz.
9. Shammah can has rejekshuns 2.
10. Jesse bringded all 7 of hiz suns and dey all has rejekshuns.
11. Jesse be running out of opshuns. But Jesse haz one more sun...only a babiez.
12. Samuel sez "w00t!"
13. Samuel poorded the oluvejuse on David and Ceiling Cat gaev Cheezburger to David, leik infinate cheezeburger! Win!


1 Ceiling Cat iz mai sheprd (which is funni if u knowz teh joek about herdin catz LOL.)
He givz me evrithin I need.
2 He letz me sleeps in teh sunni spot
an haz liek nice waterz r ovar thar.
3 He makez mai soul happi
an maeks sure I go teh riet wai for him. Liek thru teh cat flap insted of out teh opin windo LOL.
4 I iz in teh valli of dogz, fearin no pooch,
bcz Ceiling Cat iz besied me rubbin' mah ears, an it maek me so kumfy.
5 He letz me sit at teh taebl evn when peepl who duzint liek me iz watchn.
He givz me a flea baff an so much gooshy fud it runz out of mai bowl LOL.
6 Niec things an luck wil chase me evrydai
an I wil liv in teh Ceiling Cats houz forevr.

John 9:1-25

1 An as JebusCat pasd by, he saw man which wuz blind frum his birf.
2 An his disciplez askd him, sayin, mastah, hoo did sin, dis man, or his parents, dat he wuz birfd blind?
3 JebusCat anzwerd, neithr dis man sinnd, nor his parents: but dat teh werkz ov Ceilin Cat shud be made manifest in him.
4 I must werk teh werkz ov him dat sent me, while it dai: teh nite comez, when no man can werk.
5 As long as im in da wurld, I r light ov teh wurld.
6 When he had sed dat, he spat hairball on teh ground, an made clay ov teh spittle, an he anointd teh eyez ov teh blind man wif teh clay,
7 an sed unto him, go, wash in da pool ov Siloam, (which iz by interpretashun, sent.) He went his wai, an washd, an came seein. Rad.
8 Teh neighbors, an they which before had seen him dat he wuz blind, sed, WTF? Iz not dis he dat sat an beggd?
9 Sum sed, dis ar teh he: others sed, he iz liek him: but he sed, im he!
10 Therefore sed they unto him, OMG, How wuz ur eyez opend?
11 He anzwerd and sed, Man dat iz called JebusCat made clay, an anontd mine eyez, an sed 2 me go 2 teh pool ov Siloam, an wash: An I went an washd, an I receivd sight.
12 Den sed they 2 him, wer iz he? He sed, I knoe not.
13 They brought 2 teh Fariseez him dat wuz blind.
14 An it wuz teh sabbath dai when JebusCat made teh clay, an opend his eyez.
15 Den again teh Fariseez also askd him how he had receivd his sight. He sed 2 them, he put clay on mine eyez, an I wash, an do C.
16 Therefore sed sum ov teh Fariseez, dis man iz not ov Ceilin Cat, cuz he keepz not teh sabbath dai. Others sed, how can man dat iz sinnr do such miraclez? An thar wuz divishun among them.
17 They sayz 2 teh blind man again, wut sayz u ov him, dat he opend ur eyez? He sed, he iz profet. He pwnz.
18 But teh JewCats did not bleev concernin him, dat he had been blind, an receivd his sight, til they calld teh parents ov him dat had receivd his sight.
19 An they askd them, sayin, doodz, iz dis ur son, hoo ye say wuz born blind? WTF? How den duz he nao C?
20 His parents anzwerd dem an sed, we knoe dat dis ar teh r son, an dat he wuz born blind:
21 But by wut meanz he nao seez, we knoe not; or hoo haz opend his eyez, we knoe not: he iz ov age; ask him: he shall speek 4 him.
22 Thees werdz spaek his parents, cuz they feard teh JewCats: 4 da JewCats had agred already, dat if any man did confes dat he wuz Christ, he shud be put out ov teh synagogue an cant has cheezburger.
23 Therefore sed his parents, he iz ov age, ask him.
24 Den again calld they teh man dat wuz blind, an sed unto him, giv Ceilin Cat teh praize: we knoe dat dis man iz sinnr.
25 He anzwerd an sed, whethr he be sinnr or no, I knoe not: wan ting I knoe, dat, I wuz blind, nao I C. Word.


We hope to have many other Holy Kitties featured this year.
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From LOL Cat Bible:
lolcatbible was mentioned on the Popular Science website! Awesome.
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Weekend Cat Blogging
#143 Mar 1-2: Mog and Meowza at Mind of Mog
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Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos Edition 34 • 03-02-2008
Chandra & Samantha at New Tuxedo Gang Hideout
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The Carnival of the Cats #207
is going to Grace & Kittens
Sunday Evening 3/2/2008
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Teacher Pot Luck Carnival: Leap Day Edition

Welcome to the Leap Day Edition of the Teacher's Pot Luck Carnival! According to folklore "Leap year was ne'er a good sheep year." That's OK because we are presenting a (mostly) vegetarian potluck. In case you have the cold or flu, we also have a healthy recipe for herbal cough drops and throat soothers. Did you know that there are only twenty more days left until spring? We had a foot of snow this weekend here in Vermont. Tonight and tomorrow we are getting another foot. But here at the Teacher's Pot Luck Carnival, it's warm by the stove!

VERMONT BAKED BEANS: I've been experimenting with baked bean recipes (not vegetarian). I think I've finally got it right. They come out differently each time, which makes Saturday's bean supper always an adventure! Vermont Baked Beans are mild and use maple syrup, not molasses. You can substitute, though, if you are devoted to molasses.

Michael has a great vegetarian casserole, World's Fair Vegetable Rice, that came from his Boy Scout manual back in the days. It's a one or two pot meal made for campers and great for a potluck. He has also contributed a great peach cobbler recipe, Michael's Peach Cobbler, made on the stove top.

Did you know that King Arthur Flour is based right here in Norwich, Vermont? It's our favorite store. They have started a blog, too. It's full of recipes, tips and tricks for professional and home baking. Amelia and I collect their recipes on my recipe blog.

Amelia and I are sending two bread recipes that become four. Change the molasses for maple syrup in both recipes and you get a completely new taste! 100% Whole Wheat Bread is a King Arthur Flour recipe that I have worked with for over a year. Try it! Amelia has been working with King Arthur's Oatmeal Sandwich Bread. I prefer the maple oatmeal. She prefers the molasses.


Baldwin's Girl, a well-known train photographer, had the flu and had it rather badly. Luckily for us, she posted her recipe for Herbal Cough Drops and Throat Soothers. I am definitely going to make these if I get sick this winter. As an added bonus, you can use the same recipe for an herbal hand/air/room/surface spray (lavender, please, for me!). You probably don't have all of the ingredients on hand, so plan ahead, visit her post, make a shopping list, and stock up!


Continuing her Web 2.0 series, Mrs. Whatsit shares Mind Maps and Social Software. I can see our teachers moving towards Web 2.0, but it's going to be quite a long time before we implement it as well as Mrs. Whatsit. It's a shame we don't move faster, because Mrs. Whatsit's students seem very involved in their learning.

Larry Ferlazzo
sent Stadium Nutrition from Aetna — an interactive exercise where you create a meal you’d eat at a baseball stadium and you’re then told its nutritional content. I played with this and you have to go see the nutritional content of stadium peanuts. Yuck! But fun!

Colleen Palat at has submitted Handling the Student with Difficult Behaviors, a problem we are all having with disturbing frequency. I am going to print her list of seven tips. The more we read them the more we will internalize them and can therefore avoid problems in the future.

That's it for this Teacher Potluck Carnival. I hope you enjoyed it and found lots of great food and useful information. My thanks to Michael for teaching me how to fix the Potluck Carnival's graphic so that it looks good on my blog!

On March 14, the Pi Day Edition of the Potluck will go up here at meeyauw. Be sure to e-mail me with your submissions. Look at the top of the right sidebar and click for email. March 14 is the day we celebrate that wonderfully irrational number, pi. So let's see lots of pis and St. Patrick's Day recipes! I already know what I'm going to submit! Link up and spread the word!


Thursday, February 28, 2008

Friday Fractal: Fractals Through Time

Fractal Plant Tumor:
Studies of dynamic fractals (geometrical shapes that appear the same under magnification in time and in space) can help to describe the growth of things such as semiconductor films and tumors. Pictured here is a fractal plant growth. The name of the plant is Brassica oleracea or wild cabbage. The figure shows an undifferentiated tissue developed on an injured leaf.

(Courtesy of the Complex Systems Laboratory, under the leadership of Dr. Javier Galeano at the Technical University of Madrid.)
The American Institute of Physics Bulletin of Physics News
Number 857 February 28, 2008
by Phillip F. Schewe and Jason S. Bardi

A new theoretical study looks at what fractal things look like not just when you magnify them in space (they are scale invariant: they look the same even at finer and finer size scales) but also when you magnify them in time — that is, when you look at them over finer and finer time intervals. Fractals are those geometrical shapes so tortuously indented as to take on extra dimensionality. For example, a nominally one-dimensional curve can, with enough switchbacks, begin to be characterized by a dimension somewhere between 1 and 2. In other words the curve starts to take on the properties of a surface. Similarly a two dimensional surface can be so dimpled as to acquire some *volume.* This fractal geometry is especially interesting to consider for minerals and for certain living things (such as tumors) where highly non-Euclidean interfaces are important. In a new paper, Carlos Escudero of the Institute for Mathematics and Fundamental Physics in Madrid performs calculations of the dynamic scaling (how a surface changes in space and over time at several different scales) of
growing structures, such as the kind of semiconductor films used in the microchip industry where, even under the most carefully controlled of conditions, rough (non-Euclidean) geometries can exist. He found that the moment-by-moment behavior of the surfaces are strongly effected by the fractal geometry. Escudero will soon be testing his theories with colleagues in several practical areas of research, including the growth of tumor-like tissues in plants and the growth of semiconductor films.

(Physical Review Letters, upcoming article; at we've posted a picture of a plant tumor provided by the Complex Systems Laboratory at the Technical University of Madrid. )


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Worth A Look: Byrningbunny’s Challenge Page

Worth A Look: Byrningbunny’s Challenge Page
Follow Byrningbunny's link to the most excellent article with the facts about this campaign. I'm too old to be seduced by oratory. I'm also too old to tolerate these antics by men. The following quote from Hilary Rosen's article on the Huffington Post speaks for me:
Me? I support Hillary Rodham because she's the best qualified of all candidates running in both parties. I support her because her progressive politics are as strong as her proven ability to withstand what will be a massive right-wing assault in the general election. I support her because she's refreshingly thoughtful, and I'm bloodied from eight years of a jolly "uniter" with ejaculatory politics. I needn't agree with her on every point. I agree with the 97 percent of her positions that are identical with Obama's — and the few where hers are both more practical and to the left of his (like health care). I support her because she's already smashed the first-lady stereotype and made history as a fine senator, and because I believe she will continue to make history not only as the first US woman president, but as a great US president.
Byrningbunny is correct when she writes, "this is well worth the read for anyone who is a woman, loves a woman, knows a woman or was given birth to by a woman. Please click on the link above to see this article."

Catnip Reefer Madness

Our thanks to our knowledgeable reader, Mom Unplugged, for pointing out that our kitties may need to view Catnip-Reefer Madness. Talking may not be enough. This powerful, heartbreaking film, starring Daisy The Curly Cat, is now presented here for the benefit of all. We hope it helps your family overcome nip abuse problems. It didn't help us at all. Thank you.


A New Cat Blog and Photographer: CRIZ CATS SANCTUARY

You MUST go visit this blog. Criz is one of the best cat photographers I have seen. His chronicle of the lives of his cats (including the most beautiful kittens) is heartwarming and spectacularly illustrated with his photos. Go visit now!


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Sunday's Chickadee

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The New Woodpecker Avatar

I woke up the other morning to find a Google blog link to Silk Screen Portal, a lovely blog I read occasionally. Michael had used one of my hairy woodpecker photos and created a wonderful effect. I love it. I took it and made an avatar, which you see in my profile now. The original photo is below. I used the photo as part of the Woodpecker Finding Squirrel Nuts collage.

Thank you, Michael, for such a lovely gift.

Monday, February 25, 2008

New Blog: One Single Impression

One Single Impression is a community of poets writing and sharing haiku and other poetic forms. Each week we will offer up a new prompt that we hope will inspire your writing. We invite participants to share ideas for prompts, too.

Sandy, a published poet, and I are picking up where One Deep Breath is leaving off after this week. For the past year and a half many poets who blog have derived inspiration from Susan and Jennifer's blog, where we have shared our responses to their weekly prompts for haiku poems.

Michael has written the poetry for my photographs. Our collaboration has proven to be an inspiring journey into beauty and art that has been missing in my life. The poets that participated in One Deep Breath, and hopefully in One Single Impression, are gifted. The poetry is motivational and often life-changing. I am beginning to expand myself and write some poetry of my own. All of the participants are supportive and kind (even to someone like me).

I hope you join us next week. The prompt for the week will be posted on Sunday, March 2, 2008. There is a blogroll and Mr. Linky will be available. This meme could alter the quality of your life.

E-mail Sandy or me by clicking below:

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Cats Tuesday: Today's LOLCat of the Day

Humorous Pictures

You can receive all of the LOLCats you can tolerate by going to I Can Has Cheezburger? and entering your e-mail address into the ICHC Daily E-mail subscription box. Go do it now! The link will open in a new window. Nothing is still happening here in the snowy woods full of sleeping kitties. But another foot of snow (30.5 cm) is coming today and tomorrow! Yippee!

UPDATE! Our thanks to our knowledgeable reader, Mom Unplugged, for pointing out that our kitties may also need to view Catnip-Reefer Madness. It is now presented here for all of us. We hope it helps your family overcome substance abuse problems. It didn't help us at all. Thank you.

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Heads or Tails: I Wonder As I Wander

I often wander on the roads of the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, which is now a National Geographic Geotourism Destination, wondering where my next photographs will appear. I stopped by the side of the road one recent night when I saw the full moon reflected on a meadow of snow. I took a photograph of the dash of my car while I adjusted the settings of the camera for night photographs (none of which worked). Here you can see how many miles I had traveled since my last fill of gas (which is when I reset my trip odometer). My highbeams were on, as were my directionals. Yes, I needed more windshield washer fluid.
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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ms. Whatsit: Next Teacher Potluck Carnival

The next two editions of the Teacher Potluck Carnival will be hosted by me, right here, on February 29th and March 14th (these are mathematically fun dates)! So send your submissions to me by clicking the gmail image below. The email will automatically fill in the address and subject (cool, huh?):

Where there are teachers, there is food!

Frum Cuisine: Teacher potluck carnival is hosting
the current Teacher Potluck Carnival.

If you know how to fix the carnival badge here,
could you please tell me how? Thank you!

♥ Thank you, Michael! ♥
♥ You found the solution again! ♥

Be sure to check it out! It's good!


Hairy Not Downy

Click photo to view it full-size in a new window.

This female hairy woodpecker (Picoides villosus) found peanuts that the squirrels had hidden in a knot in the bird feeder tree. I made this collage in Photoshop Elements and I am not happy with the results. The photos go in order from left to right, top to bottom. I took these today.

When my digital photography instructor saw my "downy woodpecker" photos, he told me, and another birder student confirmed, that all of my woodpeckers are hairys and not downys. My woodpeckers are a smidgin bigger than a robin. Downys are apparently the size of nuthatches.

I will be correcting all of my tags, labels, and posts as time goes on. When clicked, this photo will open, full size, in a new window.

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Photo Hunters: Wooden Split Rail Fence in Winter

Parallel and Perpendicular


Photos of my split rail fence taken
this afternoon during a soft snowfall.
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Friday Fractal: Bright Spiral

I also put up new favicon. is no longer in business, so I used Google Pages to host the new favicon that I made with my own image at DeGraeve Favicon Editor (using instructions from How To Make It Work: Adding Custom Favicon to Your Blogger Blog). I can see great uses for Google Pages coming up.


LOL Cat Bible: Lectionary Readings for the Third Sunday in Lent

Third Sunday in Lent

Exodus 17:1-7
Psalm 95 (Ps. 95:1)
Romans 5:1-11
John 4:5-42

Exodus 17:1-7

Water frum Roks

1 awl teh izrelites left teh sandbocks of bad, An tehy moovd arownd wehn Ceiling Cat say so. tehy mayd camp at Rephidim, but tehr no were water.
2 so teh peepls complaned too Moses An say "gives us waters!!!" Moses say, "why y00 complane? is y00 giv Ceiling Cat pop quiz?"
3 but teh peepls wus reely therstee An tehy keeped complanes to Moses. tehy say "why u taked us owt of egypp? y00 wanna kill us An ar baybees An ar moocows from therstee?"
4 so Moses prayd to Ceiling Cat An say "wut i d00 wif teh peepls? tehy gonna frow roks at me soon!"
5 Ceiling Cat say to Moses "tayk sum izrelite leedrs An go in front of peepls. dont furget yor stik!
6 Iz gonna stan in frunt o y00 on a rok at Mount Sinai. hit teh rok wif teh stik, An waters come owt." So Moses did taht wehn teh izrelite leedrs wachd.
7 tehn taht playse wer calld Massah An Meribah cuz the izrelites complaned An gayv Ceiling Cat pop kwiz an akxed "is Ceiling Cat tehre?"

Psalm 95

1 Letz sing to Teh Ceiling Cat, und be shurz to singz real loud kay?
2 Spend Caturday with moar musicz lol.
3 Teh Ceiling Cat are amazing.
4 Teh Worldz be in hiz pawz, and he pwnz teh mountains lyke whoa.
5 Teh Ceiling Cat also pwnz teh seas, and he are make worldz.
6 Worship Teh Ceiling Cat.
7 Teh Ceiling Cat pwnz us all, for we bee sheepz lol.
8 If Teh Ceiling Cat says "Y HALLO THAR," don't turn your insidez to rockz like those at /b/.
9 For /b/ tried teh kitty powerz, even though Teh Ceiling Catz was like "Check dis shiiit out."
10 For OVER 9000! Years, Teh Ceiling Catz was angry at /b/, and said the hartz of /b/ kept runnin away, even without legz, and don't know teh kitteh wayz.
11 Teh Ceiling Cat got mad and said "THIS IS SPARTAAAA!" and kept them from Jesus Kitty.

Romans 5:1-11

Happy Kittyz Wehn Dogz Bark
1 Lissenup, youse yammerin, wez miawing bout Ceiling Cat anna Kitten Jebus,
2 we seez Invisible Water Dish anna graze inna littrboxz, anna miaw-miaw to da Ceiling Cat.
3 More d00dz, webe yammerin bouts Tribbles, anna Trouble Wit Tribbles (datbe da Staw Twek, Season 2, Episode 15) makus gud catz;
4 anna keeps doon it, nice earz; anna nice paws, noses.
5 Miaws summore, slavin ta Ceiling Cat iz gud an youse bin miawin to da Hover Cat, gud fur youse, srsly.

Jebus in Ours Littrboxz
6 Youse be weak kittyz, wen da Jebus did da dirtnap fur da athiesties.
7 Goody two-pawz didda dirtnap; wood youse dirtnap fur da nice d00dz too.
8 Buttz Ceiling Cat scratchz our earz, even wehn wez poopd onna floor, Jebus hung onna nailz fur uz.
9 Lookey, dirtnap boogie, we not RAWR-RAWR cauz da Jebus.
10 Wen we poked his earz we miawed to dat Ceiling Cat bout da nailin of Jebus, Catfight!, scratchy earz, we drinkd warm milk den, srsly.
11 Mor stuffz, we miawed happy Ceiling Cat anna Kittn Jebus Krisp, demz gibbin uz lotsa cheezburgz fur ettin anna warm milk.

Humorous Pictures
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Weekend Cat Blogging #142 Feb 23-24: Bad Kitty Cats
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Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos 02-24-2008
Mz. Mog & Kitty Cats at Mind of Mog
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The Carnival of the Cats #206 2/24/08 is going to
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Thursday, February 21, 2008

My Lunar Eclipse Picture

It was 0°F (-18°C) as I sat on my icy front stoop in my jammies, with my tripod and camera. See the band of white light as the shadow moved over the moon? The moon was orangy, red. There were some clouds floating by. The stars in the sky were brilliant. Wasn't it a great experience? For more, go here.

Nerd Shots: "Total Lunar Eclipse"

Nerd Shots: "Total Lunar Eclipse"

See what I could not do with my camera. It is a beautiful photograph by Mary Stebbins Taitt.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Electric Sheep Movie

I took three Electric Sheep mpeg2 files, converted them to be played in Quicktime. These are animated fractal flames. I am having problems making fractal flames in Oxidizer, so if you know how, please leave a comment. This video is very primitive with poor resolution.

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Fractal flame - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Fractal flame - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "GIMP, a free software, multi OS bitmap image editor that can generate fractal flames."
Does anybody know how to do this in GIMP?

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Ice Shack on Crystal Lake

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