Sunday, November 20, 2022

Lucy Goes to Church

Lucy goes to church.

Knee pain being pretty awful this morning, I went to church virtually with Lucy. She loves this. She loves anything that means I can stay home with her. And cook. Or cuddle while reading. Especially sleeping. We are doing all that today: baking, reading, the wash, napping, and watching for porcupines. I used GIMP to make an old fashioned photo and liked it enough to post. The cats? No where to be seen. But they were with us most of the night, which was a first. 

Sunday Selfies at
The Cat on My Head



  1. Well, a great good morning to each of you!!! Happy Selfie Day.

  2. Lucy, warm up mom's knees real good.

  3. Staying warm in the best idea!

  4. The dogs do love when we can stay home with them. Online church is so helpful when you are not well enough to actually go.

  5. It's been a great result of staying at home, new technology.

  6. Staying home with Lucy to cuddle up with seems a winner for both of you. Love the selfie.


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