Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Porcupine Day

This morning in the tamarack.

If I had doubts about the porcupine staying overnight in the garage, they are gone now. I pulled into the garage after school this afternoon and upon getting out of the car and turning, which takes a long time because of my knees, I saw a porcupine waddling and hopping towards the woods as quickly as possible. And that ain't very quick!

I can't close the garage door when I leave in the morning because the batteries on the remote are dead. I have the batteries but I can't figure out how to put them into the remote and I can't sync the remotes to the door opener without help. Until that comes, I'm sort of stuck here hosting porcupines in the garage (which is where trash is kept to keep it safe from bears … and now porcupines). 

Leaving the garage after I pulled in this afternoon.

I regret not having the presence of mind to shoot video of the porcupine racing into the woods. It was one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time. It was an exaggerated waddle and roll with hops off of the ground in between. 

If only they would appear on clear, sunny days! It seems to always be hazy and wet when they pop up.  I would give them names except I can't tell them apart unless they appear together. I have noticed that the first thing Lucy does when she leaves the house is check to see if there are porcupines in any of the trees. What a world!



  1. WOW, those are some roomies, stickly roomies.

  2. Maybe someday you'll get a video. Meanwhile, i hope you can get the garage situation sorted.

  3. Ah, the video of the waddling porcupine would have been cute. But I like the photo, too. Hope you get the garage things sorted out.

  4. Amazing that you were able to photo the one walking away. I know about the magic of overhead door openers. When there's a problem, they are no longer good magic, just bad magic. Good luck.


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