Friday, November 04, 2022

Busy Busy Busy

Nelly's Biscuits

Nelly and Betsy have been very busy. Nelly, nightly, is making biscuits galore and Betsy now works in "my" home office. She's quite the typist. Her help has required me to re-type several pages of text and to reconnect to important chats. During a virtual meeting this week, I think I saw another participant roll his eyes when Betsy strolled by the screen. Again. Obviously, he isn't owned by a cat. I have no control over which meetings these girls attend! In fact, I seem to have no control whatsoever. 

Betsy's Office

They decided last week that they would no longer eat their very expensive grain-free canned food. That was fine: I just put out more of the very expensive dry grain-free food. And sure enough, Nelly decided tonight that the dry was bad and the canned was good. Betsy, who seems to have begun the dry trend, was extremely interested in the canned again, very suddenly.  

There are two jigsaws today. They each took me between 66-70 minutes to complete. That was good. The stress at school is the worst I can remember, and the time doing the jigsaws was very relaxing. Both photos are the Picasso effect.
preview150pieceBiscuits Nellypreview150pieceOffice Betsy
Caturday Art at 
Athena Cat Goddess



  1. The strokes seem unique and stylish. Love the art here

  2. The other participants should feel honoured that Nellie wanted to join the meeting.The art is lovely.

  3. Only animal lovers understand the help we get for more pets. The artwork is very pretty today girls. You just keep helping Mom and eating your good food.

  4. Yep, the kitties won't it what cost a lot or what you have lots of on hand. Pretty art!

  5. I think a cat would improve any meeting. Thank you for the puzzles.

  6. Isn't it funny how cat appetites work.

    If people don't understand that meetings from people's homes are going to have interruptions, they might need to go live on a rock by themselves.

  7. Beautiful artwork!
    Don't your co-workers understand that your cats are graciously allowing you to share their home - and that includes snoopervising your meetings?!


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