Monday, April 07, 2008

Cats on Tuesday: Buddy's First (Unsuccessful) Hunt

Here you see Buddy returning home from the woods, which are up that hill behind him. I had seen a small movement in the woods as I looked out the kitchen window on Sunday, our first warm day (45°F or 7°C). I grabbed the camera, ran outside, and called him to me for photos. He happily returned home.

Buddy is definitely in better humor now that he can get outside. Today he sat in the bird tree and was disappointed when the birds didn't present themselves to him for a snack. He then stalked a little red squirrel and scared all the squirrels away for the rest of the day. Not even the shrike can do that! But the squirrels probably remember that Buddy killed one of their brethren last summer.

The dead grass is called thatch.
Within a month it will be a beautiful lush green.

Buddy stomps around in his studly glory with his tail all fluffed out
and a new season of adventures begins.

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  1. How handsome you are with that
    puffed out tail Buddy! I am so
    sorry you missed out on your
    hunt. (Purrs), my lovely kitties here say better luck next hunt!

  2. Are you sure you are having a cat and not a raccoon in disguise? Cats don't normally have such bushy tails all the time.. haha :P

    But I love it. It does make a cat looked more manly. :P I can't wait for the green grasses to be out in full force. By then, Buddy will sure have many adventures around. :)

  3. Buddy, the ManCat returns from a day of successful hunting!

    Andree, Mom wishes she knew the names of all our Birdies like you do. And you have much more luck snapping photos of them! We very much enjoy your photos!

  4. Buddy looks like he's had a great time out there! Wonderful pics. Beautiful nature!
    Thanks for visiting my COT!

  5. Wow...hunting in the snow! That is so cool! The Spice Cats have never even seen snow.

  6. Look at Buddy! Is his tail puffed out because of the cold? He has handsome blue eyes.

  7. Buddy is a great looking cat with a really nice athletic build. I understand about the weather breaking and being outside. Mine aren't fighting all the time now that they have some freedom and can hunt! I loved your pictures of Buddy coming home.

  8. He looks gloriously happy in spite of not catching anything. Better luck next time, Buddy--I think!

  9. Better luck next time, Buddy. I can definitely sympathize.

    Looks like you still have quite a bit of snow.

  10. Buddy looks like a trooper! I have been a cat person my whole life but have not gotten a new cat since my 19 year old tabby died a few years back. It was a big loss. But I still cat sit for a few friends. Buddy's colors are lovely!

  11. Please join me tomorrow, April 9th for a celebration on Dackel Princess!

  12. Your pictures are so wonderful.
    He looks so content and handsome, walking back home.
    Hope he has better luck next time !
    Happy Tuesday!

  13. Buddy, we think you are very brave to go out when there is still that cold white stuff on the ground! Your fluffed-out tail is very cool! Since we have no fur, we never get puffed up, so we think that is really neat!


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