Thursday, July 12, 2007

We Want To Win An XShot

That is a video explaining what an XShot is: an arm-extender for your camera so that you can be in your shots and not look strange. So we are entering Win an XShot from BenSpark Contest. Our chances of winning are pretty good because not many people have entered. That's good for me!

Wingnut and I were outside today and wanted a photo of us with some black-eyed susans that had bloomed. You can see that we were not successful:

You can can get an XShot for $5.50 off if you use the promo code SparkRocks between now and July 15th.

Wingnut and I need to create some memory photos of us together. Since it's just the two of us, there is nobody to take our photos. This is why we need an XShot.

When any or all of my children visit, we want photos of all of us together. That means that one of us is excluded from these family photos. With an XShot we will all be in every shot.

While watching the XShot video, I remembered my skunk shots and realized how valuable an XShot would have been for me that day! Remember how the skunk got herself trapped inside my trash can? I wanted photos of her before I set her free but I didn't want to get skunked. I had to lean way over and let the camera focus as I stuck my arm inside the trash can. An XShot would have given me more freedom to take her photo and given me peace of mind. Having an XShot will make photography here much safer.

I see from these photos that my Summertime Fun with Ben & Jerry's Diet is not working.


  1. Awesome, thanks for entering. I'm selecting the second image, it works real well for the contest. And I love the skunk story, that is hilarious.

  2. Nice photo. I, too, love black-eyed susans. Good luck in the contest!


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