Monday, June 16, 2008

Cats Tuesday: George the Butterfly Hunter

Yesterday I was out butterfly hunting on my land (and I found that I have a butterfly sanctuary out there in the two fields — it is simply spectacular for the butterflies and moths out there and there were hundreds) and George came with me. He loves hiking with people, just like Buddy does. I posted other photos of George in action but this was the best shot of all. He was running towards me after I called for him. But a butterfly caught his attention and he tried to capture it. Luckily, he failed. He wasn't upset about that — he continued leaping through the buttercups, vetch, bedstraw, hawkweed and other wildflowers to run with me. Is there anything more beautiful than a cat running freely and safely in wildflowers? I am blessed that George decided to live with me. Please click the photo to view it large in a new window.

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  1. Great action pic! And George looks fiendishly happy :-)

  2. That is a spectacular photo. Gorgeous. George knows how to live.

  3. Great photo -- so carefree! Do you ever visit "We Three Ginger Cat Tales"? She has some wonderful photos of her three ginger cats in Wales.

  4. What beautiful photo's!
    My Alex and Zander kitties love to take walks with me and the dog and Have the most fun when we walk the tall grass prairie trails! But they always stay close by me and come when called!
    But easily distracted too by the butterflies and mice.

  5. A cat, butterflies and a field of flowers...what a lovely picture. George looks as if he's having a great time.

  6. What an awesome picture! And how wonderful it's safe for George to run free like that! :)

  7. Fabulous photo, Andrée! How lucky for George that he found you!

  8. That is a great action shot of George! I also like how he is framed against the grass and the colors.

    Luna likes to bug hunt, too, inside our home. Indeed, she was obsessing about one last night, complaining that it was out of reach.

  9. Oh Dear,
    first of all: Thanks for all your wonderful comments and words lately.
    We did need.
    This post is so great due to the spectacular photo and words.
    Amazing shot.

    btw. Rosa ssems well off from her serious inflammation

  10. Simply perfection! The colors of George and his posture of going after the butterfly plus the tinges of purple from the flowers are wonderful!

  11. This is a terrific photo! Did you
    catch George after you snapped the
    photo? Truly wonderful!

  12. Fabulous action shot! George, it looks like you are having a great time!

  13. This must have been so much fun. Great shot! And no, there is nothing better than watching cats chase butterflies (especially when they don't catch them!)

    George is so very similar in looks and apparently personality to our Tigger. He's so lucky he found you.


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