Sunday, February 05, 2023

Review: Unidentified

Unidentified Unidentified by Douglas E. Richards
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was a light, fun book to read when I couldn't get out of the house because of the weather. It was derivative and often cliche, but still fun. UFOs and aliens are real and have been with us for a very long time and Jason Ramsey, a former non-believer, learns all about the alien activity and conspiracies on earth. He, and his gorgeous love, Tessa, also manage to save the earth…if only for this millenia. 

Once again, I could see this being made into a movie (it will require lots of CGI, though) because it is a love story, an alien story, an action novel. The book invokes Dr. Who, Ender's Game, and Star Trek but only Star Trek is mentioned by name. I'm sure there were other inspirations embedded in the book that I didn't recognize.

The plot relies, perhaps too heavily, on the same self-analysis of humans that existed in Star Trek and other novels throughout time: that humans are deeply flawed and violent but also passionate, loyal and loving. This novel takes that hypothesis to the extreme so that these are the qualities that save the planet and humankind when alien rational thought and AI could not.

Even though I was not impressed with the quality of writing or the narrative, I had to find out what happened in the end. Maybe you will want to find out, also.

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  1. I'd probably like that one. I saw 5 UFOs in FL back in 1968, the were over Cape Canaveral and the jets scrambled to chase them but they zipped away in an instant.

  2. The idea of aliens is fascinating. If they would be friendly, i wouldn't mind finding out they are real.


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