Thursday, March 01, 2012

Hiking the ROW Part 3

John, Oscar and Buddy Hiking on Barton Mountain-10.jpg
Buddy and Oscar will follow John to the end of the earth.

Unidentified Fungus-4.jpgAn unidentified fungus.

Porcupine Quills at the bottom of the cliff-1.jpg
Porcupine quills at the bottom of the cliffs.
John thinks the porkie may have fallen off of the cliff (and survived)
because of the number of quills that were there.

Views of the bottom tier of the cliffs-1.jpg
The very bottom of the cliffs.

Oscar Poses-5.jpg
Oscar poses for the camera.

Scarlet Waxy Cap Mushroom (Hygrophorous coccineus)-1-1.jpg
Scarlet Waxy Cap Mushroom (Hygrophorous coccineus)

Unidentified Fungus-1-1.jpg
Another unidentified fungus.

Oscar Hikes Vertically-1.jpg
Up the tree!

Insulators on the power lines-1.jpg

Transformer on the Pole on the ROW-1.jpg
The transformer is nearly eye level because the slope of the
mountainside is so steep under the cliffs.

Well, that's all there is about this great hike. To view the other photos:
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  1. Beautiful photos! I particular like the mushrooms, and of course the pictures of Oscar and Buddy :)

    I am planning to feature Vermont in today's installment of "Fun with Highways" for Super Tuesday. I immediately thought of you and your photography.


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