Monday, May 29, 2023

Anna Goes to South Carolina


Anna left New Haven yesterday from Tweed-New Haven Airport to attend the graduation of a niece in South Carolina. I was fascinated that they were allowed wifi and transmitted the takeoff. How fun to watch! Wifi was in and out during the flight and I missed the landing by seconds. Even over the Atlantic, I could see her live on the phone.

I apologize for the one little glitch: my meds notification on the phone.

Here is a video of the takeoff made by Anna.


The plane in New Haven

I don't recognize where this was filmed during the flight.

Screenshots from Find My of Anna in the air:

Finally, taxiing into the airport at Myrtle Beach:

Watching the kids travelling—to Barcelona, Cuba, Los Angeles, Texas—fascinates me somehow. Or perhaps these are only images that a mother could love. 😉🤷



  1. Wonderful for you to have a bit of travel by arm chair.

  2. Fun flights, although that path into Myrtle Beach can be scary if the wind is really whipping!

  3. At this point it's especially fun watching it from my couch! Thanks!

  4. I love following my kids when they travel!

  5. For some reason, flying now scares the whatsit out of me.

    I'm sure it's a joy to watch, i wish i'd told my son to take similar pictures on his trip.

  6. It's amazing what technology lets us see. I usually try to get a window seat so I can look out at the difference scenes as we fly (and yes, occasionally photograph and post).


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