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Monday, May 09, 2011

The Ruins of Stevens Mill at Stone Flume

Stone Flume (1 of 1).jpg
Stone Flume as viewed from our house.

Across the road, at the top of the beaver bog, is Stone Flume. I found the name on an old town map. May Brook flows from May Pond and down the flume, through the beaver bog and over Dam #5 on its way to Crystal Lake. The kids like to go and slide down the flume in the summer. But there is another attraction there: ruins of an old mill. There are still iron spikes in the granite ledge of the flume where the mill was attached to the rock. There are stone walls and a foundation that you can explore. This is the best time of year to see the ruins because the foliage hasn't grown up and buried it. Here are some photos of the ruins that I took on May 1 when we walked over to visit.

Mill Ruins at Stone Flume (1 of 16).jpg
A deep crack in the granite ledge created by the expansion of winter ice.

On old maps this mill is called Stevens (or Steven’s) Mill. I haven't been able to find out why, but when I do I'll post the information. I assume that a family named Stevens lived in the house closest to the mill. I don't know if they milled grain or sawed lumber.

Mill Ruins at Stone Flume (3 of 16).jpg
The west side of the mill's stone wall.

Mill Ruins at Stone Flume (12 of 16).jpg
The other, east side, of the wall.


Thursday, April 28, 2011

VIDEO: Stone Flume

This is the flume across the road at the top of the beaver bog. May Pond Brook runs into the bog over this flume. The kids slide down it in summer. At one point, you will see our white house with Barton Mountain behind it. I started the video on the bluff at home, at rush hour, and unfortunately a car went by. Then you see the swollen brook rushing out of the woods and down the flume into the bog. You will hear John suggests I slide down the flume with the camera for a better angle. Sure I will!


Friday, July 09, 2010

Hiking Up May Brook with Arthur

Arthur (l) and John (r) at the bottom of the flume.
Our house is the white speck on the right.
When our friend Arthur visited in early June, we took a short hike up May Brook. May Brook begins from May Pond and goes by the house, flowing into the beaver bog. It was a rather short hike because Arthur had to return to New Hampshire early. Arthur never wears shoes, so he hiked barefoot! He is so used to going barefoot that he never gets hurt. These are some of my favorite photos of this tramp we took.  All the photos will open large in a new window if you click on them.

Looking up the flume.
John and Arthur were standing at
the bottom of the flume in the photo above.

Old stone foundation of an old mill at the flume.
May Brook just before it slides down the flume.
A dam that kids made for a swimming hole
has been taken by beaver who built their own, bigger dam.
The swimming hole above the new beaver dam.
An ancient stone wall follows May Brook.
I played with shutter speeds to get the water effect I wanted.
John points out something to Arthur.
Another waterfall.
A little yellow spider eats a bug.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Wingnut & John Go Fluming

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Danielle brought her cousin, John, with her when she came to collect Wingnut. John had never gone down a flume, so Wingnut took him down the road and through the woods to the Stone Flume. At one point there were eight people sliding down and climbing back up!

Then they came home. The photos below are of the boys jumping through the path in the brush at end of the fence in front of my house, on the road.


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Matt & Wingnut at Stone Flume

Photos by Matt of Wingnut enjoying sliding down the flume across the road on a hot summer day after a hike.

I learned the name of this flume from the Barton Town Map, page 5, found at the Town Clerk office. A gentleman named Barnard used to have a grist mill here. The ruins are still visible.

Above: May Brook as it enters the flume.
Below: May Brook as it starts down the flume.

Below: my house as viewed from the flume with zoom lens.

And finally, a video that Matt made of the flume.

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